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Bart Verschueren

Inside the Mind of Innovation: A Conversation with Verbolia’s Product Manager, Aurore

By Life at Verbolia

Explore the world of product management through our exclusive interview with Aurore, the innovative Product Manager at Verbolia. Gain insights into her unique approach to e-commerce solutions, the journey of product development, and the importance of user-centric design. Discover the inspiring story behind Verbolia’s latest features and Aurore’s passion for technology.

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Using a credit card to pay on internet

Content Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses: 5 Essential Tips

By Ecommerce

Seventy percent of people prefer to find out about your ecommerce store through an article rather than a traditional ad. This is why an effective content marketing strategy is critical. It allows you to build trust and traffic in a compounding way, which pays dividends over time. So in this article, we’ll cover five content marketing tips that’ll level up your online store.

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How multilingual SEO works ?

By SEO strategy

Unlock the secrets of multilingual SEO with this comprehensive blog. Explore the intricacies of optimizing your website for multiple languages and cultures. Gain insights into effective strategies and techniques for reaching a global audience and boosting your international search rankings.

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What is long-tail SEO?

By SEO strategy, Technical SEO

Discover the power of long-tail SEO and its impact on your website’s visibility. This blog explores the concept of long-tail SEO and its benefits for targeted keyword strategies. Learn how to leverage long-tail keywords to attract relevant organic traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

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6 Factors to Consider in an International SEO Strategy

By SEO strategy

The number of people who speak English is slightly above one billion. This means that if you aren’t implementing an international SEO strategy, you’re ignoring six billion people and leaving a lot of money on the table. In this post, we’ll show you how to tap into other markets and what you should consider when creating an international SEO strategy.

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