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Traffic Opportunity tool for e-commerce

Ecommerce Keyword Research Tool

Discover traffic opportunities with our ecommerce
keyword research Tool

Our tool identifies high-potential long-tail keywords based on the products in your catalog.

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Verbolia’s traffic opportunity tool uses natural language processing algorithms to break down product titles and attributes into keyword combinations, providing a list of deduplicated long-tail keywords that drive significant traffic to your website. Sign up now to start seeing results!

Step 1

Submit your product feed URL.

Step 2

Our platform parses your product catalog.

Step 3

Get valuable insights to boost your digital strategy for maximum results.

Discover traffic opportunities

Based on the products we find in your catalog, our tool will perform an automated and extensive keyword research and provide you a list of high-potential keywords to rank or advertise on.

Get search volume insights

We’ll show you the average monthly search volume for every high potential keyword that we’ve extracted from your product catalog. Super valuable input for your SEO and SEA strategy, right?

Oh, don’t forget to share these insights with your colleagues from the purchasing department. We’re sure they would love to understand which product variations are trending or in high demand to adjust their buying strategy accordingly.

Keyword rankings

Now that we have this nice list of high-potential keywords with the average monthly search volume, we take it one step further by also providing you with your current keyword rankings. This might expose some low-hanging fruit and give you some immediate take-aways to implement in your SEO strategy.

Competitor insights

Apart from showing you all of this data for your own website, we also benchmark your keyword positions against those of your main competitor(s).

Avoid duplicate keywords

With Verbolia’s solution, you’ll end up with a unique list of long tail keywords as the algorithm eliminates keywords with similar meaning by looking at string similarity between keywords, product overlap, and Google search results.

Need help?


Dive into our FAQ section and search for answers on how the Verbolia traffic opportunity tool works.

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How is this tool different from other keyword research tools?

Keyword research tools reveal which keywords your competitors are ranking for. They don’t start from what you have to offer. By uploading your catalog, every possible keyword combination based on your feed data is created. For every keyword found, search volume and current position in the SERP are looked up in real time. The keyword list then gets deduplicated for similar meaning, duplicate product overlap and duplicate SERP results overlap. By doing so, we make sure the output is a list of all possible keywords for which you have the right offer and duplication gets avoided.

Is it really free to use?

Yes, the tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. Use the tool to analyze your product catalog and gain insights to improve your e-commerce store. At Verbolia, we strongly believe in providing valuable tools to help  e-commerce businesses grow, and that’s why we made this tool available for free!

What is a product feed URL?

A product feed URL is a link to an XML or CSV file that contains information about a set of products offered by an e-commerce store, such as product names, prices, and images. If you advertise on Google Merchant Center, Facebook, Instagram or Amazon, you probably already use a product feed URL. This same product feed URL can be uploaded for the Verbolia Traffic Opportunity tool.

Why should you submit your product feed URL?

Submitting your product feed URL allows Verbolia to analyse the structured data contained in the feed, such as product titles, prices, images, attributes like colours, material, etc… This way Verbolia can find the keywords used by search engine users for which your products are the perfect answer. The more data in the product catalog, the more keywords can be found.

How does the tool assist with SEO efforts?

When the keyword research based on your product catalog is done, you’ll get a deduplicated list of long-tail keywords with search volumes, your current ranking position per keyword and your current best ranking page. You will also be able to see which products from your catalog, Verbolia found per keyword. This will give you a detailed view on how much SEO traffic is up for grabs.

Are there any limitations to Verbolia analysis capabilities?

Verbolia uses state-of-the-art techniques and models to achieve the most accurate results! However, the analysis capabilities of the tool are limited by the quality and completeness of the data contained in the product feed URL you submitted. If the feed is not updated or contains inaccurate information, the analysis will also be affected and you will get less traffic opportunities.

How is my data handled when using the tool?

Verbolia understands the importance of protecting your data. Your product feed URL is securely transmitted and stored on our servers, and is only used for analyzing your products and identifying opportunities for driving traffic. Rest assured that your data will never be shared or sold to third parties, and will be deleted  after analysis. Our tool also has robust security measures in place and undergoes regular security audits to ensure the safety of your data at all times.

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