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Keyword Research for Ecommerce

Leveraging the robust capabilities of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a critical catalyst for the growth of any ecommerce platform. Within the wide array of SEO practices, keyword research remains a cornerstone. Yet, a question persists: how does one proficiently decipher and navigate this seemingly intricate process?

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Inside the Mind of Innovation: A Conversation with Verbolia’s Product Manager, Aurore

Explore the world of product management through our exclusive interview with Aurore, the innovative Product Manager at Verbolia. Gain insights into her unique approach to e-commerce solutions, the journey of product development, and the importance of user-centric design. Discover the inspiring story behind Verbolia's latest features and Aurore's passion for technology.

In Conversation with Eric Haeken, CCO of Verbolia: Pioneering SEO and E-commerce Solutions

Explore an in-depth interview with Eric Haeken, CCO of Verbolia, as he discusses his career journey, leadership style, and how Verbolia's unique SEO software is transforming the e-commerce industry. Gain insights into the strategies and success stories behind their innovative approach.
internal linking for ecommerce

Internal Linking Automation: The 10-Step SEO Guide

Learn to overcome internal linking challenges with this 10-step guide. Discover automation strategies for improved site structure, navigation, and search engine performance.

Evelien Reveals Customer Success Secrets at Verbolia: Exclusive Interview Insights

Explore Evelien's journey as Verbolia's Customer Success Manager. Gain insights into her role, challenges, and tips for success in our vibrant team. Join us in shaping exceptional customer experiences.

Best 10 Long-Tail Keywords Tools for eCommerce (2024)

Find the best 10 tools for eCommerce keywords in 2024. Boost your online visibility and success with these SEO solutions. Get ahead in the game – learn more now!

What are the most effective SEO strategies for e-commerce website?

Strategically placing keywords in your page titles and URLs isn't just basic SEO—it's a game changer. Even subtle shifts can propel you ahead of your competition. Discover how.

Behind the code: interview with Olegs, Software Development Engineer

Join us in an exclusive interview with Verbolia's Software Development Engineer, Olegs, whose work sits at the exciting intersection of software engineering and SEO optimization.
Marketing tool

The Best 10 Enterprise SEO Tools & Platforms 2024

Discover the top 10 best enterprise SEO tools and platforms for 2024. Get a comprehensive list of the leading solutions to improve online visibility and maximize success. Learn more now!

How to structure long-tail keywords in an e-commerce site

Learn how to structure long-tail keywords for an e-commerce site! Find out how to organize and incorporate long-tail keywords into your website for improved search engine rankings.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with SEO Excellence: An Interview with Verbolia Co-Founder, Pierre-Olivier Danhaive

Curious about the story behind Verbolia and how it's revolutionizing e-commerce with SEO excellence? Join us for an exclusive interview with the company's co-founder Pierre-Olivier Danhaive to learn more!
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The importance of keywords in URLs and page titles for ecommerce SEO

Strategically placing keywords in your page titles and URLs isn't just basic SEO—it's a game changer. Even subtle shifts can propel you ahead of your competition. Discover how.
Hands typing on a laptop

The technical side of e-commerce SEO: a step-by-step guide

Master the technical SEO intricacies for e-commerce. Dive into our comprehensive guide to optimize user experience, boost visibility, and foster trust.

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