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Elevate Your Internal Linking Strategy

 Orphan Pages?

Linking Issues?

You run a large or complex website and you’ve identified pages with a problematic link depth, or with no incoming links at all. Now it’s action time. Effortlessly link a list of pages and fitting anchors within your website in a contextually relevant way. Find out how it works.

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Say goodbye to orphan pages and bad internal linking

Linking solution based on Contextual Proximity

Improve your linking strategy with an internal linking solution based on contextual proximity. Our intelligent link block is tailored to your content, main keyword and lexical field of the current page. Beyond automatically adding contextually relevant links, our system also allows you to establish custom rules and logic. This flexibility ensures precise control over where and how links are placed, offering an unparalleled ability to refine and optimize your site’s link structure. This solution will improve your site architecture, increase crawling efficiency, spread link equity, and help Google find key pages for your site.

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Quick & painless setup

Integrate the Linking Script on All Your Pages in a Breeze

Effortlessly install Verbolia’s linking widget on your website. Choose between server-side integration via the Verbolia API or client-side implementation using Google Tag Manager (GTM). The integration is remarkably simple and the GTM option requires no development resources.

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Who is the Linking Engine built for?

The Linking Engine is specifically designed for large and complex websites. Managing such websites often leads to challenges, such as vital pages being buried deep within the site structure or existing as ‘orphan pages’—those not linked from anywhere else. These navigation issues can hinder search engines like Google from recognizing the importance of these pages.
To address this, improving the internal PageRank of these pages is crucial. Our Linking Engine offers a solution. It empowers you to strategically add inbound links to pages you consider important. This tool is not only automated but also ensures that the added links are contextually appropriate. You have full control over the process, deciding the ‘how’, ‘when’, and ‘where’ of link placement. This enhanced linking strategy ensures that important pages gain the visibility and recognition they deserve from search engines.

How does the Linking Widget insert links onto my pages?

Installing our Verbolia Linking Widget is straightforward, and you have two methods to choose from:

  1. Server-Side Integration: This method involves using our API. Once you have access to the API, your system can make calls for each URL on your website. The API will respond with the appropriate links to add to your pages, based on the rules you’ve set up. This option requires some backend integration on your part.
  2. Client-Side Integration via JavaScript: This method is simpler and requires minimal effort from your development team. You just need to add a single line of JavaScript to your pages. This can be done either through Google Tag Manager or by directly pasting the script into the <head> tag of your website’s pages. This option is quick and easy, with no development resources needed from your side.

What’s the pricing for the Linking Engine?

The pricing for our Linking Engine solution starts at €499 per month. The final cost is tailored to your specific needs, primarily depending on the number of links you want to integrate into your website. We understand that each website’s requirements are unique, so we offer customized plans to match your specific linking needs.
Interested in seeing how the Linking Engine can transform your website’s navigation and SEO? We invite you to contact us for a free trial. This way, you can experience firsthand how our solution enhances your website’s connectivity and search engine visibility.

How does the Linking Engine improve my internal linking?

The linking engine improves your internal linking by providing a dynamic solution which helps you to optimize site architecture, prevents orphan pages, and strategically distributes link equity. With customizable rules, priority scoring, and precise anchor text control, it ensures a tailored strategy. This leads to improved SEO visibility, efficient crawling, and an interconnected pages that guides search engines to key pages, ultimately enhancing user experience and driving organic traffic growth.

Do you have cases with proven results?

Yes, we do. Let’s take the example of a leading classified ads platform in Europe, which has millions of pages. Many of these pages were not ranking well due to their deep placement in the website’s hierarchy. To tackle this, we selected 100,000 strategic pages with potential for high search volume.
Our approach involved adding a block of contextually relevant links below the pagination on all product listing pages. We then conducted a thorough analysis, comparing the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) positions for these keywords before and after the implementation over a six-month period.
The results were significant:
  • 29,000 pages showed improved positions in the SERPs.
  • There was a decrease in positions for 8,500 pages, which provided us valuable insights for further optimization.
  • Notably, the number of keywords ranking in the Top 3 positions surged from 16,000 to 26,000.
These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of our Linking Engine in enhancing page visibility and search rankings.

Can I customize how links are displayed on my website?

Yes, absolutely! You have full customization control over how links are displayed on your website. Utilize our CSS editor to personalize title sections and the appearance of links. The instant preview feature allows you to visualize all your changes in real-time, ensuring a fit with the look and feel of your pages.

Can I choose which links are displayed on my website?

You have complete flexibility to choose precisely which links are displayed on your website. Create rules based on H1, meta title, URL, or priority score. You also decide the number of links you want to add.

Does the Verbolia Linking Engine support dynamic link generation for contextual relevance?

Yes, indeed! You are not required to manually define which links appear on each page.  The simpler method is to use the “match” function, matching page elements like H1/Title with link anchors. Then it dynamically selects the most relevant links for each page, ensuring a contextually rich and highly effective internal linking strategy.

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