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Evelien Reveals Customer Success Secrets at Verbolia: Exclusive Interview Insights

Evelien Reveals Customer Success Secrets at Verbolia: Exclusive Interview Insights

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Welcome to our latest feature where we shine the spotlight on the people who make Verbolia a vibrant and customer-centric place. Today, we’re thrilled to share our conversation with Evelien, our dedicated Customer Success Manager. Through her insights, you’ll discover the inner workings of our team, the passion that drives us, and what it takes to excel in a role that’s at the core of our success. Whether you’re curious about life at Verbolia or considering a career in customer success, this interview is a must-read. Dive in to get a real taste of our company culture and the exciting opportunities that await!

Q1: What are the key responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager at Verbolia?

The main responsibilities are to keep our customers as satisfied as possible and ensure their success through Verbolia. Our core priority is to make our customers happy and ensure they continue with us next year. That’s certainly the most important aspect.

Q2: What do you enjoy most about working at Verbolia?

I love the fact that we are a smaller company with a manageable number of employees. My previous jobs were in larger, more developed companies where you were just a small part of a department. At Verbolia, I enjoy being an integral part of the entire company and having a clear view of what’s happening in all departments. As a Customer Success Manager, we are literally in the middle of everything, which I find extremely valuable. The startup/scale-up phase means short lines of communication. Everyone fits into one office, except for remote workers. It’s great to have direct access to whoever you need without navigating a complex hierarchy.

Q3: Can you describe a particularly challenging project you’ve worked on and how you approached it?

Every client is different, making each one a unique project. The challenge comes from being a startup and building processes for new clients, creating more reports to track existing clients, and ensuring smooth operations. We deal with data from various sources, like financial and contract data, and performance metrics from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Bringing all this together is challenging, but I find it exciting.

Q4: Can you share a success story where Verbolia had a significant impact on a client’s SEO performance?

There are many clients where we’ve seen excellent performance. A standout example is a French client who actively used our app, which is often a challenge with clients. Their understanding of Verbolia’s role and active participation led to a significant impact. This shows how effective collaboration can yield great results.

Q5: How do you collaborate with other teams at Verbolia to ensure customer success?

We work closely with the Sales department for smooth client transitions and renewals. Our most frequent collaboration is with the developers, both at the beginning and throughout a project, to address any issues or adjustments needed.

Q6: Do you have personal or professional goals you hope to achieve while working at Verbolia?

I had no knowledge of HTML and CSS before, but now I understand these programming languages and can make some adjustments. My goal is to delve deeper into developing reports and become more technically substantiated.

Q7: What advice would you give to someone interested in a career as a Customer Success Manager?

If you enjoy social interactions both within the company and with clients, and have an analytical mindset to understand why things go right or wrong, this job is for you. An interest in the technical aspects of web design adds to the suitability for this role.

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We hope this insightful interview with Evelien has illuminated the rewarding and dynamic role of a Customer Success Manager at Verbolia.

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