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Trends tips and strategies specific to ecommerce.

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Content Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses: 5 Essential Tips

By Ecommerce

Seventy percent of people prefer to find out about your ecommerce store through an article rather than a traditional ad. This is why an effective content marketing strategy is critical. It allows you to build trust and traffic in a compounding way, which pays dividends over time. So in this article, we’ll cover five content marketing tips that’ll level up your online store.

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Link building tips for eCommerce companies

By Ecommerce

94% of all content gets zero backlinks. This is good news for your ecommerce website because if you can generate at least a few backlinks to each piece of content on your website, you’ll be head and shoulders above most online stores in your niche. Unfortunately, 41% of SEO experts say that building backlinks is the most challenging part of the job. So to make your life a little easier, here are four SEO link building tips for your ecommerce website.

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Why SEO is a continuous process and has a crucial role in eCommerce Success

By Ecommerce, SEO strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental process to ensure your eCommerce site rises to the top of the search engine rankings, resulting in a steady influx of highly qualified, purchase-ready consumers.
However, SEO isn’t a “one-and-done” approach. Indeed, your eCommerce platform may receive initial SEO optimization at its launch, but without consistent attention to SEO, your site will likely fall behind in the competitive landscape.

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Is my eCommerce website optimized for search engines bots?

By Ecommerce, Technical SEO

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your store—but ranking high in the search engines is among the most powerful. A high ranking brings you buyer-ready traffic and instantly confers customer trust upon you, leading to huge revenue opportunities. But how do you know if your eCommerce website is optimized for the search engine bots? Let’s explore how to find out (and further optimize) in this post.

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