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In Conversation with Eric Haeken, CCO of Verbolia: Pioneering SEO and E-commerce Solutions

In Conversation with Eric Haeken, CCO of Verbolia: Pioneering SEO and E-commerce Solutions

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In an expansive interview, Eric Haeken, the Chief Commercial Officer of Verbolia, shares his insightful journey, leadership philosophy, and the innovative strategies that give Verbolia its competitive edge in the e-commerce and SEO market. Here’s a deep dive into his thoughts and experiences:

Q1: Could you tell us about the pivotal moments in your career that led you to your current role as CCO at Verbolia?

Before joining Verbolia, I spent over a decade in sales and business development at a tech-focused company, where I climbed the ranks from business development to managing director. This experience, involving the successful establishment of various tech companies in new markets, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of sales, business development, and team management. My subsequent two-year tenure at Verbolia, where I spearheaded market expansions from the ground up, gave me insight into the company’s potential. This experience was instrumental in my decision to take on the role of CCO at Verbolia.

Q2: How has your leadership style evolved since becoming CCO, and what unique approach do you bring to Verbolia’s team?

My leadership style has evolved towards fostering trust and autonomy. I believe in empowering our team to deliver their best without micromanaging them. At Verbolia, we have a team of seasoned professionals who thrive under freedom and minimal guidance. My role is to ensure they have the necessary tools, training, and support. Our niche market allows us to focus more on conveying our unique value to stakeholders rather than engaging in direct competition. This approach is about effectively communicating our message and demonstrating the significant value our technology brings to day-to-day operations.

Q3: What aspect of Verbolia’s software or strategy gives it an edge in the market?

Verbolia’s uniqueness lies in the scarcity of competitors offering similar services. Major companies like Amazon and have developed technologies akin to ours, but for companies not ranking at the top, our software offers a competitive edge without requiring massive investments. Our ability to compete with top players using long-tail SEO keywords is a testament to the uniqueness and effectiveness of our technology.

Q4: Can you share a success story where Verbolia significantly impacted a client’s growth?

One of our earliest clients, a major retail company in Chile, experienced substantial growth with our solutions. Over time, we observed that about 50% of their traffic was generated through Verbolia. My role involved guiding them from showing initial interest to fully committing to our services, and it’s been rewarding to see them as a satisfied customer for over two years now.

Q5: How is Verbolia disrupting the traditional SEO and e-commerce market?

Verbolia is making significant strides in areas often overlooked by traditional SEO strategies, particularly in long-tail SEO. We demonstrate our value by significantly increasing non-branded SEO for our clients, often outperforming the returns from paid channels like Google Shopping or AdWords by tenfold or more. Our focus is on showing companies the untapped potential in optimizing for long-term search options, which yields substantial benefits.

Q6: What motivates you to innovate and lead within Verbolia, and how does it impact your role as CCO?

My motivation stems from my experiences in the tech industry, where I’ve seen many companies fail to deliver on their promises. At Verbolia, it’s different. We not only meet but often exceed our clients’ expectations. This drives me to push for success with Verbolia, as we genuinely add value to our customers’ businesses. Building long-term relationships with our clients fuels my enthusiasm and dedication to keep innovating and leading Verbolia to new heights.

Eric Haeken’s insights reveal a deep commitment to innovation, effective leadership, and strategic foresight at Verbolia. His journey and vision as CCO highlight a future-forward approach in reshaping the e-commerce and SEO landscape, bringing unique value and growth to their clients.

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