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Technical SEO

Tips and best practices for optimizing website performance.

What is long-tail SEO?

By SEO strategy, Technical SEO

Discover the power of long-tail SEO and its impact on your website’s visibility. This blog explores the concept of long-tail SEO and its benefits for targeted keyword strategies. Learn how to leverage long-tail keywords to attract relevant organic traffic and boost your search engine rankings.

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5 common technical SEO issues for eCommerce websites

By Technical SEO

Discover five common technical SEO issues that can impact the search visibility of ecommerce websites. This article highlights the importance of migrating to HTTPS, ensuring proper indexing, configuring robots.txt file correctly, improving page load speed, and optimizing URL structure. Learn how to fix these issues to enhance your website’s performance and search rankings.

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Is my eCommerce website optimized for search engines bots?

By Ecommerce, Technical SEO

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your store—but ranking high in the search engines is among the most powerful. A high ranking brings you buyer-ready traffic and instantly confers customer trust upon you, leading to huge revenue opportunities. But how do you know if your eCommerce website is optimized for the search engine bots? Let’s explore how to find out (and further optimize) in this post.

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How to improve page speed on your website

By Technical SEO

Most people think of keywords and backlinks when they talk about SEO. However, SEO algorithms are designed to reward websites with excellent user experience—and a big part of that is page speed. Think about it: You won’t stay on a website very long if it takes forever to load and it feels clunky. Google’s engineers know this, and so they designed the algorithms to prioritize page speed.

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