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Revolutionizing E-Commerce with SEO Excellence: An Interview with Verbolia Co-Founder, Pierre-Olivier Danhaive

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with SEO Excellence: An Interview with Verbolia Co-Founder, Pierre-Olivier Danhaive

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In the competitive world of e-commerce, mastering SEO is the key to success. Verbolia, a pioneering software company, is on a mission to help e-commerce businesses rise above the digital noise with their innovative SEO solutions. In an exclusive interview with Pierre-Olivier, one of the co-owners of Verbolia, we dive into the story behind the company’s founding, their motivation, the evolving e-commerce landscape, and their cutting-edge approach to SEO.

Can you share the story behind the founding of Verbolia and what inspired you to create this software for e-commerce businesses?

Pierre-Olivier: It all began when I crossed paths with Bart during his tenure at eRowz, a company specializing in price comparison websites for secondhand products. They were committed to mastering SEO, particularly long-tail SEO for products, which is crucial in the e-commerce sphere. eRowz had developed expertise and methodologies to excel in this domain for their own websites. When we met, we hatched the idea of automating and productifying these ideas into a platform that could be offered to other companies. So we created a B2B model, catering to e-commerce companies. And that’s the condensed version of how Verbolia was born.

Q2: The driving force behind Verbolia

What motivates you every day in your mission to help e-commerce businesses succeed?

Pierre-Olivier: Innovation is at the core of our motivation. We’re passionate about introducing groundbreaking solutions that actually work. When we present our product during demos to prospective clients, we often receive responses like “genius,” “I never believed it could exist,” or “that’s exactly what I want.” These words of affirmation are incredibly motivating. We aim for the “juicy wow” factor, going above and beyond to provide technical excellence tailored to specific needs, especially for those new to the field.

Q3: The evolution of e-commerce and its challenges

How has the e-commerce industry evolved over the years, and what unique challenges do businesses face in today’s digital marketplace?

Pierre-Olivier: The e-commerce landscape has transformed in two significant ways. First, it has grown exponentially, with e-commerce gaining a larger market share at the expense of physical retail. This growth has intensified competition, as today’s consumers can effortlessly switch between online stores with a single click. In the past, they’d have to physically travel to a competitor. Consequently, technology has become paramount to outpace rivals. While offering top-notch products and services remains crucial, technical prowess is equally vital to boost sales.

As for the challenges, they are numerous. E-commerce businesses grapple with choosing the right tools, striking the balance between investing in paid services, utilizing various tools, and maintaining a strong focus on SEO. Attempting to do everything in-house with a limited team of developers is untenable. The challenge lies in crafting a strategic technical roadmap that selects the most beneficial integrations instead of dedicating resources solely to development.

Q4: The significance of SEO for e-commerce success

Why is SEO crucial for the success of e-commerce businesses, and how does Verbolia’s software address these needs?

Pierre-Olivier: SEO is paramount because, on average, it accounts for approximately 40% of website traffic and, consequently, 40% of revenue. Verbolia addresses these needs by offering an easy-to-use CMS that empowers SEO teams to identify weaknesses and, with a few clicks, publish optimized pages to attract organic traffic. We don’t stop at analysis; we actively contribute to our customers’ revenue by resolving issues and driving more traffic and sales.

Q5: Realizing remarkable results with Verbolia

Can you share an example of an e-commerce business that achieved remarkable results using Verbolia’s software?

Pierre-Olivier: Take Walmart, the world’s largest employer, for instance. We’ve collaborated with them in the Chilean market, and currently, 50% of their organic traffic comes from Verbolia. It’s a significant increase in traffic since adopting our solution. Another notable success is our largest customer, who prefers to remain undisclosed. They’ve seen an additional 10 million visits per month since implementing Verbolia.

Q6: The future of SEO and Verbolia’s role

What emerging trends do you see in the SEO landscape, and how is Verbolia preparing e-commerce businesses for these changes?

Pierre-Olivier: Two major trends are shaping the SEO landscape. First, the rise of SGE (Search Generative Experience), driven by generative AI. Google is now generating answers directly within search results, which could impact click-through rates. To counter this, securing higher positions in search results will become even more critical. Second, Google is increasingly focusing on enhancing the shopping experience. Google Shopping and its potential to allow users to purchase directly through Google are noteworthy developments. So this is a little more tricky.

Q7: Verbolia’s future innovations

What exciting innovations or developments can we expect from Verbolia in the near future?

Pierre-Olivier: In the long term, we envision becoming a comprehensive e-commerce toolset, offering solutions beyond creating landing pages. For now, we’re concentrating on innovating within the SEO realm. We have an upcoming tool, an internal linking engine, which simplifies the deployment of internal linking strategies. This unique tool allows e-commerce businesses to define rules, and our system automatically creates links between existing pages to improve Google’s bot discovery. This is a game-changer as it streamlines a complex SEO task. We’re constantly pushing the envelope to provide e-commerce businesses with the most effective tools and services.


Verbolia is on a mission to empower e-commerce businesses with innovative SEO solutions, adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape and driving remarkable results for their clients. Stay tuned for their exciting developments as they continue to revolutionize the world of e-commerce.

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