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Free Keyword Cannibalization Identifier

Identify highly similar keywords in a keyword list.

Free Keyword Cannibalization Identifier

How it works?

The Free Keyword Cannibalization Identifier helps you identify keywords that are closely related to your main keyword. A “similar keyword” might be a synonym, a plural form, or a slight rephrase of your main keyword. Remember, this tool is not for removing identical keywords. Instead, it finds and shows keywords that are similar but not exact.

  1. List your keywords one by one.
  2. Paste the list or upload the file in the input area.
  3. Adjust the Similarity threshold (higher values mean more similarity).
  4. Click the “Deduplicate” button.

Input (line by line)

oversized sweatpants men
festival outfit
halloween outfit
festival outfits
sweatpants men oversized


Keyword A

oversize sweatpants men
festival outfit

Keyword B

sweatpants men oversized
festival outfits



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Keyword cannibalization in SEO occurs when multiple pages on your site compete for similar search queries, like “guide for high-rated sci-fi movies” and “sci-fi movies high-rated guide.”

This internal competition confuses search engines, making it harder to assign a relevant page for the search terms and potentially lowering your site’s traffic.

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What is keyword cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on your website target the same search term, confusing search engines and splitting your traffic, potentially weakening each page’s visibility.

How do you identify keyword cannibalization?

Gather the primary keyword from each page of your website, often found in the page titles or H1 headers. Then, using a tool like ‘Similar Keywords Identifier’, input these keywords. By adjusting the similarity threshold in the tool, you can uncover keywords that are different but close enough to compete, indicating areas of potential cannibalization. This process helps pinpoint internal competition, where various pages may be unintentionally battling for similar keyword rankings.

What should you do if your keyword list exceeds 5,000?

If your list exceeds 5,000 keywords, you’ll need more advanced solutions. You can get in touch via our contact form for further assistance. Our team specializes in comprehensive analysis that extends beyond simple keyword similarity, identifying complex duplications in e-commerce through techniques like product overlap and search results comparisons, regardless of list size.

Can the cannabilization tool identify synonyms?

No, the cannibalization tool doesn’t detect synonyms. It spots approximate matches between keyword strings, aiding in reconciling keywords with slight differences like typos or abbreviations. For deeper search intent analysis requiring advanced deduplication methods, please reach out to us through this contact form.

Does the cannibilization identifier work with all languages?

Yes, the cannibalization tool operates with all languages, as it focuses on identifying similarities or near matches between different keyword strings across a list, not on exact lexical matches. This method is language-independent, allowing for effective analysis regardless of linguistic variations.

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