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Driving E-Commerce success with AI and SEO: Insights from Verbolia’s E-Commerce Technology Consultant

Driving E-Commerce success with AI and SEO: Insights from Verbolia’s E-Commerce Technology Consultant

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Welcome to our latest interview, where we delve into the journeys and insights of the professionals behind Verbolia’s innovative e-commerce solutions. Today, we’re speaking with Sara, our E-Commerce Technology Consultant, who has been pivotal in leveraging artificial intelligence and SEO to transform digital commerce landscapes across Iberia and Latin America. Join us as we explore the blend of technology and strategy that drives success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Q1: Can you start by telling us a little about your professional background and what led you to join Verbolia as an E-Commerce Technology Consultant?

My academic background in Marketing and Advertising is complemented by specialized studies in Artificial Intelligence, aligning perfectly with Verbolia’s cutting-edge e-commerce technologies. My global experiences, spanning four different countries, have enriched my understanding of international markets, making Verbolia an ideal place to apply my comprehensive skills. The company’s innovative approach to SEO and Paid Acquisition, combined with my passion for AI and its applications in e-commerce, drove me to join the team, where I could influence the digital commerce landscape significantly.

Q2: Since joining Verbolia, what have been your primary responsibilities as an E-Commerce Technology Consultant?

As an E-Commerce Technology Consultant for Iberia and Latin America, I am responsible for guiding e-commerce companies through their digital growth journeys. My role involves advising on Verbolia’s cutting-edge technologies like Vmax and SEO Optimized Page Creator and what they can bring in terms of additonal organic traffic and how they can improve the conversion rates of their Google Shopping and Facebook Ad campaigns. I focus on understanding each client’s unique challenges and goals, ensuring that our solutions align with their strategic objectives.

Q3: Can you describe a typical day at work? What are the main tasks and interactions you handle daily?

My days are dynamic and filled with varied activities that all aim to maximize our partners’ online potential. Most of my day is spent in consultation with companies looking for boosting their e-commerce, showing them how technology increased the organic visibility and improved conversion rates of other major e-commerce brands, followed by collaborative sessions with our tech teams to tailor our solutions effectively.

Q4: How do you approach building relationships with new clients? Could you share an example of how you successfully onboarded a new client?

One recent example of effectively building a new client relationship involved a company that was experiencing difficulties with their conversion rates and was not previously aware of our solutions. They were particularly impressed by the ‘wow effect’ of our technology, which modifies product detail page designs at page load. They were specifically impressed with the ability of our technology to capture visitor feedback and use this to iterate on design changes in order to continiously improve conversion rates. This led them to sign on as a new client, captivated by how Verbolia’s technologies could potentially transform their e-commerce performance. While it’s too early to measure the quantitative impact of our solutions on their business, the initial feedback has been extremely positive, and they appreciate the tailored approach and potential benefits our technologies offer.

Q5: Verbolia specializes in SEO and Paid Acquisition. How do these services integrate into your discussions and strategies with clients?

In client interactions, I emphasize the symbiotic relationship between SEO and Paid Acquisition. Building listing pages optimized for the long-tail of search contribute to higher conversion rates. Lowering bounce rates of visitors landing on your pages not only make users stay longer and buy more, they also provide Google with positive engagement signals that improve your rankings. I use specific examples of pages we can build based on product catalogs to find long-tail keywords to enhance organic traffic and to illustrate the benefits of our integrated approach.

Q6: How has your role at Verbolia contributed to your professional growth?

Verbolia has been instrumental in my professional development, particularly in enhancing my expertise in AI and SaaS applications within e-commerce. The role has not only deepened my technical knowledge but also refined my strategic planning and client engagement skills, making me a more effective and insightful consultant.

Q7: Looking ahead, what are your goals for the next year at Verbolia, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Over the next year, I aim to further develop my expertise in AI-driven e-commerce strategies. I plan to achieve this by engaging more deeply with our tech teams and staying ahead of industry trends through continuous learning and professional development. My goal is to leverage these insights to drive even more innovative solutions for our clients.

We thank Sara for sharing her valuable insights and experiences with us today. Her journey at Verbolia highlights the profound impact of integrating AI with e-commerce strategies, serving as an inspiration for both current and aspiring digital commerce professionals. Stay tuned to our blog for more in-depth discussions with the experts at Verbolia, as we continue to explore the cutting-edge of digital marketing and e-commerce innovation.

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