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Verbolia ROI calculator

Calculate how much Verbolia can boost your e-commerce platform.

Drawing on years of experience with a diverse range of e-commerce shops of all sizes, industries, and locations, we’ve learned which indicators drive growth and therefore how much revenue Verbolia can generate after just 12 months.

  • Monthly non-branded SEO visits indicates your current capacity to drive visits from search engines
  • Average order value and Conversion rate: the higher the faster your return on investment

ROI Calculator

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Do we need internal resources to setup Verbolia?

Yes but not a lot 🙂 To launch thousands of SEO optimized pages with Verbolia you need to provide us with your product catalog. If you already have a product feed like Google shopping feed we’re good on this point.

Next to that, someone from your team will need to install the Verbolia pages pages in a subfolder. This is needed to allow Verbolia pages are residing on your domain. Usually this takes about 30 minutes to configure. More on this can be found here.

Finally you’ll need to add a JS script on your category pages and product detail pages. This script will generate a linking block at the bottom of these pages. This can be done in Tag Manager so for this no IT resources are needed.

How long does it take to implement Verbolia?

Typically the implementation takes a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and your reactivity. Once we start working with you, we assign a Customer Success Manager to assist your team during installation. He/she will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Should we create our own Verbolia-like solution?

That depends. Consider the following criteria:
– resources: do we have the SEO Marketing, Devops and AI resources internally and can we allocate them in the next years to develop a similar solution?
– urgency: do we want to wait 10-12 months before getting started or do we want to start tomorrow?
– costs: what would be the cost of marketing, engineering, product and design to develop and maintain the technology?
– opportunity cost: what’s the opportunity cost of building software when development time can be spent on core tasks?
– missing features: which features will we miss out on if we were to build ourselves? How good will our automated keyword research be compared to Verbolia’s?
-maintenance and SEO trends: are we prepared to consistently update and maintain our solution to keep up with the ever-changing SEO landscape?

Generally speaking, it is primarily the major industry giants, such as Amazon, that have managed to create comparable internal technology.

We're migrating to a new platform. Should we wait?

Most e-commerce sites go through site migrations at some point in their lifetime. They are carried out to change CMS or e-commerce platform, move from HTTP to HTTPS, or change domains and typically involve the process of moving a website/URLs/platform over to another.

Verbolia’s technology helps clients to increase their traffic regardless of the
underlying e-commerce platform they use. The pages created with Verbolia are hosted independently of the e-commerce platform of the client, which means that they will not change in URLs or content during the migration.

Since Verbolia’s pages are the only element of the website that remains constant, they will provide SEO stability during the migration process, continue to bring additional traffic and counterbalance the variations of traffic the client will likely experience on his core pages resulting from the migration.

Once the migration is complete and if the design has changed, the design of the Verbolia pages is easily changed to the new design of the client and the switch to the new design is just one click on our interface.

Can Verbolia pages also enhance my SEA campaigns?

Yes of course… Verbolia pages can be used for Google Ads or Facebook campaigns as well. Since they are very specific, they make excellent listing pages for Paid Search campaigns, and usually provide better conversion rates. If you have Dynamic Search Ads activated in Google ads, you’ll most likely see Google picking up Verbolia pages automatically in your ad campaigns.

To whom belong the pages created by Verbolia?

The pages belong to you, and the urls belong to you (as they are on your domain). However the technology used to generate them is property of Verbolia.

What happens if we stop working with Verbolia?

If you decide to deactivate Verbolia, the pages will disappear. However, remember that the urls belong to you, so if you want to keep the ranking of the pages and keep getting traffic from them, we recommend that you create your own pages on these same urls or implement a redirection plan.

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