Statement of Work for Verbolia Setup and Onboarding

This Statement of Work sets forth the scope of professional services to be provided by Verbolia SRL as part of the Verbolia Setup and Onboarding. 

If you have questions or comments about this document, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



At the end of the Setup and Onboarding, the customer will:

  • have a fully functional implementation of Verbolia
  • have the necessary knowledge to make use of the Verbolia platform independently. However, the Verbolia Professional Services team remains available for further demands, those will always be subject to an offer


Description of the offer

Verbolia Setup and Onboarding is a packaged offer of professional services with a predefined scope and schedule of video calls with a team of Verbolia customer success managers.

The scope of this Statement of Work is limited to the deliverables and services outlined below, and specifically excludes any business requirements not listed below and any perceptions or assumptions based on conversations or product demonstrations that took place during the sales process. It does not include any UAT Sandbox testing of any kind.


Roles and responsibilities

During the Setup and Onboarding, our customer success team will work and follow up closely with representatives of the customer to make sure that the Verbolia solution is configured correctly to maximize the customer’s desired outcomes.

Typical stakeholders of the customer that are involved are Digital Marketers and SEO experts, and Technical/IT for the technical setup.


Timeline and start of the Setup and Onboarding

A standard Verbolia Setup and Onboarding project will take ten to twelve weeks. The start of the Setup and Onboarding project is counted from the moment we receive:


Deliverables and services

Main deliverables and services performed by Verbolia during the Setup and Onboarding are:

  • Preparation of the Customer Implementation Playbook
  • 1 kick-off video call (1h) where the scope of the implementation will be discussed and defined, based on the Customer Implementation Playbook
  • Initialization of communication channels and follow-up calls
  • Data feed(s) analysis and feedback
  • Feed mapping and configuration
  • Creation of a custom theme
  • Creation of linking script
  • App configuration and search settings
  • Setup of reverse proxy backend urls and documentation
  • Initial keyword research and keyword list proposal
  • One Verbolia App Onboarding video call (1h) where all screens and functionalities of the Verbolia App will be explained


Deliverable 1: custom theme

Verbolia’s Service Team of front-end developers will create one static theme (HTML, CSS, JS and other resources) from scratch, based on the design and functionality of the customer’s product listing pages (PLP) at the start of the Setup and Onboarding process. If a redesign of the customer’s website is planned to happen, and the customer wants the Verbolia theme to be based on it, final and approved design files will need to be made available to the Verbolia team before the start.

The theme will have the same look and feel as the customer’s PLP but can show minor design differences nevertheless.

Verbolia’s standard theme solution will show the following differences from the customer’s PLP:

  • Simplified menu. We only keep the first level of the menu. Links will need to be provided if not available.
  • Page layout. One default grid or list view, no promo banners or dynamic elements, two extra cold content blocks: below H1 and below pagination.
  • More info in product containers. Verbolia will add the best semantic fit of “product/ad description”, “product/ad attributes” or “product/ad reviews”.
  • Internal linking block. Below pagination (or below cold content block).
  • Search bar behavior. Simple search bar functionality, with redirects to your search urls. No overlays. Auto-complete functionality without API key is possible if auto-complete data is publicly available. If not available, access to auto-complete data will need to be provided.
  • Filter behavior. Verbolia uses only the product attributes from the data feed(s) as filters on the pages without creating visible links to filter pages for search engines. Filter behavior at Verbolia reloads the page (not executed by JS while remaining on the same page).
  • By default no: add to cart CTA & shopping cart pop-ups, favorites, comparison widgets, wishlists & login functionalities, category navigation based on external data source, API connections.

The Verbolia solution provides the possibility to add a GTM-tag to the Verbolia pages for triggering ao. cookie consent and other scripts, and to add a Google or other Analytics tag. The implementation of a custom cookie consent, nor any type of extra scripts and datalayers is not included in the standard Verbolia Setup and Onboarding of a custom theme.

Most of the elements on the custom theme are linked to the data and information received from the data feed(s). If data or information is missing, these elements cannot be included in the custom theme.

In the Setup and Onboarding is included a feedback round. The Verbolia team will provide a preview link and a slide deck in which the customer will be asked to provide feedback on the preview. Once customer’s feedback is given, the Verbolia Service Team will fix all change requests, whereafter the approval of the customer will be asked. In case of multiple instances, this approved theme of the first/main instance will be used to make the translations and changes to the other instances.

Additional requests not part of the standard Verbolia custom theme or change requests on the approved theme or change requests not defined in the feedback round can be done but are not included in the Setup and Onboarding. The time needed and the commercial quote will be communicated beforehand for the customer’s approval.

The Theme Editor functionality in the Verbolia App will be made available to the Admin users of the customer. With the Theme Editor, the customer has full access and control over the custom theme and can make changes to all resources (HTML, CSS, JS, images, fonts,..).


Deliverable 2: linking script

Verbolia will provide the customer with a ‘linking script’ (1 per instance) which the customer needs to implement mandatory on his category pages and product detail pages. It will generate a linking block at the bottom of these pages, containing 10 links (number can be changed) to Verbolia pages. It is necessary to link the customer’s website to the Verbolia pages, making sure search engines understand that the Verbolia pages are an important part of the customer’s domain (and not orphan pages) and search engines’ bots can find their way to the Verbolia pages.

The script to include will be available after customization and the code to include will be of the type:

<script type=”text/javascript” async=”” src=””></script>


‘’ is replaced by your own hostname, and ‘/path/’ is replaced by the agreed routed url pattern (eg. /v/ or /vp/ or…).


Deliverable 3: keyword proposals (if applicable)

Verbolia will provide the customer with a list of Keyword Proposals to create Verbolia pages based on the approved custom theme.

This list of Keyword Proposals will be made available in the Customer Implementation Playbook and will contain the following information:

  • The keyword
  • The number of products matched
  • AMS (Average Monthly Search Volume)
  • The current customer’s URL ranking and on which position
  • The TOP 10 domains of Google’s SERP

The customer will be asked to make his selection and/or approve the list to be launched in the Keyword Management screen of the Verbolia App. At any time during the subscription period, the list of keywords can be managed – add, delete, change, adapt – by the Admin users of the customer in the Verbolia App.


Service 1: kick-off video call

At the start of the subscription, the Verbolia Customer Success team will organize one kick-off call of 1h with the representatives of the customer. Typical stakeholders of the customer that are involved are Digital Marketers and SEO experts, and Technical/IT for the technical setup.

During this kick-off call, the Customer Implementation Playbook will be used to set the scope of the Setup and Onboarding project.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Project communication channels
  • Verbolia custom theme design and functionalities
  • Data requirements: product/attribute/review feed
  • Initial keyword research (if applicable)
  • Technical aspects such as reverse proxy, linking script,…


Service 2: Verbolia App Onboarding video call

At the end of the Setup and Onboarding project, the Verbolia Customer Success team will organize one Verbolia App Onboarding video call of 1h with the representatives of the customer. 

During this Verbolia App Onboarding video call, the customer will be trained to make the most valuable use of all of the Verbolia App’s functionalities.