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Case study

Ripley Chile & Verbolia: Scaling Ecommerce Success

One of the biggest retailer in Chile, Ripley presents a diverse assortment of products—including clothing, electronics, and home goods—through both brick-and-mortar locations and its ecommerce platform. Ripley Chile attracts an impressive average of 15 million website visits every month.

pages created
monthly SEO visits
of pages in Google Top 10


Ripley is a leading retail company in Chile, boasting a robust ecommerce platform that offers a variety of products such as clothing, electronics, and appliances.

  • founded in 1956
  • more than 10,000 employees
  • $ 2 billion revenue in 2020
  • +1 million products

The Challenge

The global COVID-19 pandemic led to a remarkable shift in consumer behavior in Chile, with more people embracing online shopping. Although e-commerce had already been making headway in daily life, the extraordinary events of 2020 amplified its importance. As a frontrunner in Chile’s e-commerce scene, Ripley understood the necessity of innovative solutions to maintain its competitive edge, address pressing scalability challenges, and above all gear up for Cyber Day, Chile’s premier online shopping event. This is where Verbolia stepped in to make a difference!

"Before Verbolia, we had a more manual approach regarding our SEO strategy. Implementation was very difficult, particularly when it came to categorization. This required significant time and effort, especially given the intense competition within the industry! "

Toncy DunlopSEO Manager at Ripley

Embracing Programmatic SEO with Verbolia

Aware of Verbolia’s capabilities in boosting online visibility, Ripley Chile seized the opportunity to harness their expertise in fine-tuning product listing pages and pinpointing high-impact keywords.

The principal objective of the collaboration between Ripley Chile and Verbolia was to meticulously strategize and gear up for the intensely competitive Cyber Day event.

  • Officially launched in 2011, Cyber Day in Chile has evolved into a highly anticipated multi-day shopping event.
  • $ 400 million revenue generated in 2022.
  • 4 million transactions recorded for Cyber Day in 2022.

Verbolia employed a data-driven approach to help Ripley Chile maximize their potential during Cyber Day:

Long-tail keyword research: Verbolia meticulously identified long-tail keywords with high-ranking potential, ensuring improved visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracting potential customers.

Automatic generation of optimized product listing pages: Leveraging the selected keywords, Verbolia automatically generated SEO-optimized product listing pages for Ripley Chile’s e-commerce site. The optimized pages featured engaging product descriptions, user-friendly navigation, and visually appealing elements to enhance the user experience.

Efficient metadata management: Utilizing Verbolia’s cutting-edge tools, Ripley Chile expertly monitored and adjusted metadata in bulk across their site during Cyber Day, ensuring peak performance and compliance with up-to-date SEO best practices.

The Results

Verbolia’s innovative SEO approach and strategic utilization of long-tail keywords played a crucial role in driving significant organic traffic to Ripley Chile’s e-commerce site in the lead-up to Cyber Day. By creating optimized product listing pages that were quickly indexed by Google, Verbolia effectively enhanced the traffic stream, resulting in increased sales and greater brand recognition. The combination of Verbolia’s deep expertise in SEO and product listing optimization enabled Ripley Chile to thrive in the fiercely competitive Cyber Day event, achieving remarkable results and unlocking their full e-commerce potential.

pages created
monthly SEO visits
of pages in Google Top 10
By partnering with Verbolia, Ripley Chile gained a competitive edge and enjoyed several advantages that contributed to their remarkable success:


  • Easy implementation: Verbolia integrates easily into existing e-commerce platforms.
  • Scalability: Verbolia can be scaled up for continued growth and success.
  • Fully optimized SEO: the solution ensures optimal SEO performance.
  • No need for in-house team: eliminates the need for an additional in-house team for SEO management.
  • High-speed landing pages: Verbolia product listing pages feature lightning-fast load times, enhancing user experience and conversion rates.
  • Mobile-friendly design:  works seamlessly on mobile devices for on-the-go consumers.
  • Customized content: creates unique and engaging product descriptions that can be customized for seasonal events.

"While SEO is known for its long-term results, we were pleasantly surprised to see how quickly Verbolia's pages were being indexed by Google. Our SERP rankings increased significantly, with a 20% boost in traffic. For a big site like ours, the ability to optimize pages in bulk was an absolute game-changer!"

Toncy DunlopSEO Manager at Ripley Chile

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