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Unlock Hidden Traffic Opportunities

Based on the products we find in your catalog, Verbolia conducts a comprehensive keyword analysis using natural language processing algorithms to deconstruct product titles and attributes into keyword combinations. We’ll uncover a list of deduplicated long-tail keywords that drive substantial traffic to your website.

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Easily Launch Thousands of long-tail-Optimized Listing Pages

Verbolia Pages target specific long-tail keywords to boost search engine rankings and organic traffic. Automatically updated with your product catalog and powered by large language models, they deliver engaging user experiences. Easily create and optimize numerous pages on the Verbolia platform, saving time and effort for other priorities.

Also included

Other features

Discover our powerful suite of solutions engineered to equip SEO managers with the freedom to build their vision of perfect SEO pages, without the need of internal development resources.

1. SEO Insights

A powerful solution for tracking your pages performance metrics. Effortlessly monitor visits, Google SERP positions, search volumes, and Googlebot visits, all within a sleek, user-friendly interface. Make informed decisions and elevate your organic presence like never before.

2. Page template customization

Experience the freedom to modify HTML, CSS, and JS with our user-friendly theme editor. Streamline your workflow by testing and deploying changes in just a few clicks, without reliance on your internal IT team. Harness the power of customization and obtain 90+ page.

3. Internal Linking Widget

An internal linking solution based on contextual proximity that links Verbolia pages into your domain, taking into account Googlebot visibility. Effortlessly add a linking script to your category pages and product display pages via Google Tag Manager, generating a dynamic 10-link block tailored to your content.

4. Product Description Optimizer

A cutting-edge feature that elevates your on-page SEO. Automatically extracting the most relevant snippets from product descriptions, attributes, or customer reviews within your product feed. Showcase the best of your offerings and boost search engine visibility.

5. Verbolia’s Search Magic

A powerful product sorting solution that brings the brilliance of big-name search engines to your store. Offering vector search based on large language models to detect semantic relationships between products and keywords to satisfy and transform your visitors into buyers.

6. Catalog Navigator

A dynamic navigation tool that brings your product feed to life. Browse, search, and analyze products and attributes with advanced filtering options. Export to CSV and gain valuable insights to optimise your product presentation.

7. Metadata management

Craft unique H1’s, page titles, and meta descriptions with custom templates, incorporating variables like product counts, price ranges, and discounts. Enjoy the freedom to personalize metadata on a page-level basis, enhancing your site’s SEO and user experience with ease.

8. Static content management

Seamlessly add engaging HTML content above or below product sections of a Verbolia page, incorporating diverse media like images and videos. Utilize the user-friendly WYSIWYG editor to style content and craft SEO-friendly text that elevates your on-page SEO.

9. Custom Matching Rules

Customize your users’ shopping experience on Verbolia pages. Select from product feed attributes or create your own filters using custom feed rules. Tailor your filter options to cater your customers’ needs and elevate their browsing journey.

10. Filtering Management

A feature that puts you in the driver’s seat. Tailor your product offerings on Verbolia pages with precision, using filters, extra searches, and blacklists to showcase or conceal products. Gain full control and curate the perfect shopping experience for your visitors and maximise conversion.

11. Redirection Management

Gives you complete control over your Verbolia pages’ navigation. Set custom rules for redirection triggers, types, and destinations, and guide search engine bots with precision. Shape your site’s traffic flow and optimize your organic presence on a page-by-page basis.

13. Googlebot tracking

Offers valuable insights into the frequency and timing of visits to your Verbolia pages.

14. Synonyms management

Designed to refine product selection and boost relevancy. Enhance the Verbolia search engine’s precision by incorporating niche-specific synonyms, ensuring a more accurate and personalized shopping experience that caters to your unique business domain.

15. Hreflang management

An advanced hreflang management solution that empowers you to set language and geographical targeting for Verbolia pages on a page-by-page basis. Ensure search engines deliver the right content to the right audience.

16. Product sorting rules

Customize product sorting on a page-by-page basis, choosing from large language model recommendations or creating tailored sorting rules based on any feed field or combination thereof.

Easy plug-in


Verbolia integrates with all popular e-commerce platforms & many others, including custom platforms.

Top notch

Security & GDPR

Verbolia is GDPR compliant and upholds the latest data safety standards. Experience peace of mind with robust security features, ensuring your users’ data is protected and your online presence remains compliant, safeguarded, and trustworthy.

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What is needed from us to setup Verbolia?

To launch Verbolia on your e-commerce, we need 3 things:

  • product catalog: can be your Google shopping feed or any feed URL where Verbolia can access your most up-to-date product information.
  • installation of Verbolia pages pages in a subfolder: all requests to a URL pattern of choice (e.g.,*) will be proxied to Verbolia’s servers. This ensures that Verbolia pages are seen (by end users, Google,…) as part of your domain
  • linking script: a ‘linking script’ to implement on your category pages and product detail pages. This will generate a linking block at the bottom of these pages, containing carefully selected links to Verbolia pages, in line with the content of your page. This script can be easily added via your Tag manager.

With what technology is Verbolia compatible?

Any technology! The pages managed by Verbolia are independent from your technology. They are installed on the domain name of your website, but in a different folder from your ecommerce platform.

What happens when a page doesn't have products anymore?

By default, when a Verbolia doesn’t find products in your feed for an existing page, a 302 temporary redirection is set to another similar Verbolia page. But you are free to change this behaviour any time you want. Verbolia offers the flexibility to change the redirection type and destination and this for 1, many or all keywords. You can also set as of how many products on a page the redirection should be triggered.

Is there a risk of SEO penalty?

Absolutely not, it’s even the opposite: the pages created by Verbolia provide to the visitors the very best experience, the fastest loading speed, carefully selected content and an internal linking architecture that will ease the crawling by the Search Engine bots. Furthermore, Verbolia has developed deduplication algorithms to avoid pages targeting same user intent. With this, you are even globally increasing the average SEO quality of your website.

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