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Feature Friday – Theme editor

Posted by VerboliaJuly 16, 2021

Does beauty really count? When it comes to building websites, it clearly does ! The more attractive your website is, the more visitors you’ll receive.  

That’s why it’s crucial to have all elements on your website fully optimized, namely your website theme. A theme is the look and feel of a website and includes such elements, like style, layout and color scheme. 

Basically, your theme is a first-hand representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your users’ experience.

But, we all know that selecting and managing a theme can be very overwhelming. Even more demanding when you have hundreds of web pages to manage. Every ecommerce owner will surely relate. 

Our scalable traffic acquisition tool allows you to manage the theme of your landing pages. We start by creating a theme, which fits perfectly with your look and feel. This theme is then uploaded in a .zip format.



Once your theme is uploaded on the platform, it will automatically be used for all the landing pages generated by our smart solution. This gives you control over the theme of the landing pages and allows you to customize and update anything from your links in the header to the colors of your product titles.


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 You also have the possibility to clone the theme and to download the theme’s code. Cloning a theme will have no impact on the original one, thus avoiding you to redo things if ever there is a need to change some aspects of your theme.



From monitoring your HTML tags to managing your theme, our scalable traffic acquisition tool is the solution to all your SEO pains. Easy to use and highly customizable, our smart platform will definitely help you in reaching out additional traffic and thus, ultimately help you increase your revenues.


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