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Feature Friday – HTML Tags

Posted by VerboliaJuly 9, 2021

With both online transactions and competition increasing steadily every day, it is essential for ecommerce firms to have all the components of their websites fully optimized. One key element to consider when doing on-site optimization is the HTML tags. Any SEO specialist will tell you that when done right, optimized HTML tags like the meta title or meta description will definitely influence your rankings and increase your click-through rate (CTR).

For ecommerce firms with hundreds of web pages, generating unique HTML tags for each page can become an exhaustive process, even if you can upload forms to your website.

Our scalable traffic acquisition tool allows you to manage both your keywords and HTML tags on one single platform. For each keyword, our smart tool will generate a webpage with a unique H1 tag, meta title and meta description. For that, we create a common template for all the pages using the page’s keyword.

We all know that depending on the trend, there can be more searches for a specific keyword than there are for another, requiring you to adjust your HTML tags accordingly. Or in the worst-case scenario, your HTML tags are not helping your web pages to rank as highly as you wish.

No problem! On the Verbolia platform, you can customize HTML tags on each page independently. Let’s say you want to change your meta description. All you need to do is select the keyword, scroll down to the SEO title section and click on the edit button.



Our platform also allows you to enrich your HTML tags with additional information, such as the number of products on the page, the discount or minimum price. You just have to select the feature you want to include and your HTML tags will automatically be updated if the discount or number of products available changes.

Our integrated platform will not only allow you to manage the different elements of your web pages, but it will also help you save time and above all, reduce costs.

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