Boost your e-commerce revenue! Best practices to increase traffic & conversions with long-tail SEO & personalization

Tuesday, 27 September 2022 at 16:00 (CEST)

If you are managing an e-commerce site of any kind, then one of your most pressing goals is almost certainly going to be to sell more. Sourcing more qualified visitors to your site and increasing the percentage of visitors that make a purchase are crucial to achieving that goal. 

There are myriads of ways to contribute to that objective and this webinar will focus on the proven methods of long tail SEO for traffic acquisition and product recommendations for conversion rate optimization.

In this webinar, Toncy Dunlop Elzo, SEO Manager at Ripley, and Adrian Goller, E-Commerce Analyst at Eterna will discuss together with Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, CEO at Verbolia, and Anna-Katharina Knarr, COO at trbo the challenges e-commerce leaders face when it comes to traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization, their approach to tackling those challenges, lessons learned, best practices and trends they see coming for the rest of the year.

Join us to:

✅ Learn from e-commerce leaders and industry experts how you can boost your traffic with a long-tail SEO strategy

✅ Get insights from e-commerce leaders and industry experts on how personalized product recommendations can help increase the conversion rates and sales of your e-commerce

✅ Discover upcoming trends in e-commerce, specifically SEO and buyer behavior

✅ Get actionable insights into how you can start implementing a longtail SEO and conversion rate optimization strategy

Hosted by

Alicia Medina

Partnership Manager



Pierre-Olivier Danhaive



Guest Speaker

Toncy Dunlop Elzo

SEO Manager


Guest Speaker

Adrian Goller



Guest Speaker

Anna-Katharina Knarr