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E-commerce SEO & SEA | Key Takeaways from Webinar

Posted by VerboliaOctober 2, 2022

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Whether in the United States, Latin America, or Europe, one of the main priorities of every e-commerce site will always be the same: Attract as many customers as possible to maximize sales!


Traffic acquisition tactics such as SEO and SEA (or SEM) are crucial for e-commerce leaders to increase site visits. If we talk specifically about traffic acquisition with search engine marketing, we usually find that SEO and SEA experts work in separate teams.


But what if they could work together?


To provide insight into how SEO and SEA can best work together, we invited our CEO, Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, Alex Ramirez, CEO of t2贸 USA, and Karla L贸pez Torres, Managing Director of t2贸 Mexico, for an exclusive webinar to illustrate how these two initiatives can complement each other.


Here is a summary of the webinar!


Key Takeaways

Why is it important that SEO & SEA initiatives complement each other ?

  • Increase visibility and searchability by optimising your presence in the SERPS.
  • Increase brand credibility. A brand’s credibility is built by the consistency of its search engine visibility efforts, but also by the rest of its marketing actions.


What are the main challenges for e-commerce businesses when it comes to acquiring traffic through SEO?

  • Speed of implementation!聽 Very often the main obstacle is the internal protocols and processes that prevent a quick response.
  • Operational capacity to generate contextualised and quality content.
  • Technical or security constraints.
  • Marketing agencies and search specialist give recommendations but IT teams cannot implement due to limited resources.
  • Difficult to approach long tail SEO at scale


What are the five main elements of a successful SEO strategy for e-commerce?

  • Identify the keywords and rank them by potential output. Identify keywords and rank them by potential return. For example, look at the number of products that match that keyword, the volume of traffic and whether you have a good margin for that keyword.
  • Cover all the top keywords with your main category pages.
  • Fix the basics: PageSpeed score, meta descriptions and internal links.
  • Target long tail keywords
  • Then do it again because SEO is a never-ending process. You must always be ready to adapt and anticipate the search intent!



聽What are the main challenges of paid search engine advertising?

  • Strategic focus in an automated environment: Automated solutions for paid search campaigns always require a strong strategic component.
  • Biased analysis of results: Aspects such as the high volume of e-commerce brands leveraging search advertising campaigns can drive up costs or cost behaviour through the use of new formats or platforms can bias the analysis of the effectiveness of the paid search channel.
  • 100% budget allocation versus effectiveness. Most marketing departments work on the basis of a ROAS approach and, while this approach is not bad, it is also flawed. This is because cost per acquisition (CPA) is only based on direct sales revenue versus marketing spend. But in reality, if you take into account additional costs such as fees and聽 operation costs, the profit and loss is largely broken. That’s why we need to use a lot more business data with SEM processes to try and be as cost effective and accurate as possible for our clients.


What are the most important elements for a winning SEA strategy e-commerce strategy?

  • Planning! The success of campaigns that have a high automation component requires the definition of clear objectives and engaging creativity to connect with users.
  • Have a well structured data feed that nurtures the account to build the campaigns.
  • Let the algorithms do their work without trying to go so granular that they just can鈥檛 figure out the best outcome. Agencies, such as t2贸, need to input business strategic data and decision so the machines do the work for them in terms of bidding and optimizing.


How can e-commerce professionals achieve SEO & SEA strategies that complement each other?

  • Have a technological environment that allows connections between search marketing actions and available product stock.
  • Target the same keyword. Leverage the long tail keywords opportunities. Long tail keywords are cheaper and have lower competition.
  • Use the same landing pages for both SEO and SEA campaigns.
  • Prioritise and offer users valuable information in ads, snippets and landing page. Take advantage of all possibilities to be more attractive than competitors: (i) In paid search, use the available extensions and formats for price, promotion, etc. (ii)
    In organic search, use markup language and structured data (schema) to have the possibility to appear in the Google shopping panel.


How can marketing agencies like t2贸 help e-commerce companies with their SEO and SEA strategies?

A search marketing strategy requires an adhoc treatment, depending on the industry, products, services and of course budgets in a business-oriented perspective.

The main goal of t2贸 is to help brands increase their profits by increasing their market share and that of their competitors. t2贸’s customised strategies generate business results that include these two very important low-funnel channels, but also other approaches to set up a multi-channel advertising campaign!


About t2贸

t2贸 is a leading marketing agency providing all-inclusive digital solutions to major brands worldwide, with offices in Spain, Italy, Mexico and USA.聽 Their mission is to help brands connect with their audiences, increase their sales and build customer loyalty through marketing and technology.


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