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Boost your e-commerce revenue through long tail SEO and personalization | Key Takeaways from webinar

Posted by VerboliaNovember 15, 2022

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If you run any type of e-commerce site, one of your most pressing goals is probably to sell more!

Attracting more qualified visitors to your site and increasing the percentage of visitors who make a purchase is essential to achieving this goal.

We recently co-hosted a free webinar with trbo on proven long tail SEO methods for traffic acquisition and product recommendations for conversion rate optimization.

The webinar featured experts from the SEO and e-commerce industry and was divided into two parts.

The first part was dedicated to traffic acquisition through long tail SEO and was led by Toncy Dunlop Elzo, Head of SEO at Ripley Chile, and our CEO, Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, while the second part was devoted to conversion rate optimization and was led by Adrian Goller, e-commerce Analyst at ETERNA, and Anna-Katharina Knarr, CCO EMEA at trbo.

Here is a summary of the webinar!


Key Takeaways

Leveraging long tail SEO for e-commerce



The long tail of search is the endless area of low volume (and often low competition) keywords.

From a purely practical standpoint, long tail SEO focuses on competition for a large number of low-volume keywords instead of focusing on a small pool of high-volume keywords.

Generally speaking, long tail keywords are multi-word phrases and are either transactional or informational.

For instance, targeting a keyword like “woman shoes” is not only expensive, but the searcher’s intent is also ambiguous!  Singling out “woman blue shoes” reduces intent, whereas “blue running shoes for woman” allows you to focus on a target audience.

As marketers and SEOs adapt to natural language search, long tail keywords can become increasingly important. In general, by tackling long tail keyword combinations, you can easily get 15-30% more traffic.

To better understand why SEO is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce, we invited one of our valued clients, Toncy Dunlop, SEO Manager at Ripley, to discuss the role that SEO plays in Ripley’s traffic acquisition strategy.


Ripley is one of the three largest online retailers in Chile with several millions of visits per month and representing a multi billion industry. Focusing on the sale of clothing, footwear and household goods among others, the e-commerce giant is also present in Peru and employs more than 20,000 employees. 

What are your main goals as an SEO Manager at Ripley?

As any SEO Manager, my role is to increase visits, conversions and revenue. SEO undoubtedly plays an important role in achieving these goals. Organic visitors tend to convert much more, especially via long tail keywords. In fact, of the 20 million visits per month to Ripley’s website, 30-36% come from SEO.


What are the main challenges of Ripley ?

Due to the inherently competitive nature of e-commerce, one of the main challenges for major players like us is to stay on top of the game. It is essential that we proactively adapt to change and find innovative solutions to beat the competition to keep on increasing traffic!

Prior to our collaboration with Verbolia, Ripley wasn’t focussing much on long tail keywords. It was extremely difficult for the e-commerce leader to manually manage and optimize large volumes of long tail keywords for the thousands of landing pages it had on its website. In short, Ripley wanted to increase the speed of implementation of such keywords by looking for an automated solution!


Now that you are actively implementing a long tail SEO strategy and using Verbolia, what value has Ripley gained from using our technology in terms of traffic, conversion and revenue?

  • We have witnessed a 20% increase in non-branded traffic,
  • Verbolia’s catalogs tend to rank quicker than pages generated in-house,
  • In terms of revenue, Verbolia is a very profitable platform for the traffic it brings, with a positive ROI


Can you share some best practices that have helped you succeed in acquiring non-branded SEO traffic?

Use Verbolia to create SEO campaigns for seasonal events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Ripley managed to generate a lot of revenue by just updating the cold content (meta descriptions, H1, etc…) for these specific shopping events. The pages were quickly indexed by Google and had very good Core Web Vitals scores.



Optimizing conversion through personalization

In recent years, the retail landscape has changed dramatically. Online sales are now worth $4.9 trillion worldwide.This staggering figure is attracting many new players into the arena, intensifying the competition. One way to stand out is to offer a personal experience to your site visitors.

Today, it is almost impossible to sustain an online shop without offering e-commerce personalization, as this is what consumers want and expect.

But, personalization goes beyond adding a name to a promotional email!

To further explore this topic and discuss how to optimize conversion through personalization, the second panel of our webinar featured Anna-Katharina Knarr, Chief Client Officer (CCO) at trbo for the EMEA regions, and Adrian Goller, E-Commerce Analyst at ETERNA.

Based in Germany, ETERNA Mode GmbH is a leading European fashion company with over 150 years of tradition: the company was founded in 1863 and employs more than 1,100 people. In recent years, it has achieved a turnover of around 100 million euros with the sale of high-quality men’s and women’s clothing.


What does optimization of conversion rate through personalization consists of ?

Basically, personalization is about showing the right content to the user at the right time. It can be based on a customer’s previous purchases, browsing behavior, geographic location, language and other personal information.

It is important for any e-commerce owner to know where the customer is on their journey when they visit their website.

The goal is to have the best conversion rates, the best conversion values, to make as much money as possible, and also to have very loyal customers who tend to always come to us for their online purchases.

And that’s essentially what you can achieve with on-site personalization.


One of the top priorities of any e-commerce business is to improve its conversion rate. What are the different elements involved in a conversion rate optimization strategy?

First, you need to identify the goals and objectives of your website! For ETERNA, as a fashion retailer, it’s about increasing online sales and revenue.

To be able to achieve your goals, you should define metric and KPIs to measure success or failure of the goals through:

  • Bounce Rate,
  • Average Order Value,
  • Cart Abandonment Rate,
  • Conversion Rate.




For the conversion funnel, you need to analyze the data to not only spot pain points, but also to uncover opportunities. It is also important to be very creative in order to stand out from other competitors in your industry and maximize conversions!

Some elements of conversion rate optimization (CRO) for e-commerce are:

  • Focus on the User Experience,
  • Conversion Research,
  • Website Persuasion,
  • Personalization.


What are the best practices for conversion rate optimization?

  • To conduct proper A/B testing on your website is key to find out which elements of your website should be enhanced to increase conversion,
  • Customers and users are not generic – so make sure you also test different segments (gender / input channel),
  • Check every aspect of your conversion channel one after the another: homepage, PDP, checkouts, CTA buttons.


How did trbo’s technology help ETERNA improve their conversion rate optimization and what added value did they bring?

trbo is a very easy to use platform! Although it is a self-service platform, training is provided to help users get familiar with the tool.

The platform has many templates for optimizing elements on the site such as:

  • Inpage,
  • Pop-Ups,
  • Product Sliders,
  • Gamification,
  • Surveys,

Furthermore, trbo offers you the possibility to perform multivariate tests on your website.


About trbo

Based in Germany, trbo is the leading technology provider for dynamic onsite personalization, optimization and testing. trbo’s AI-driven onsite personalization platform allows users to customize website content, A/B and multivariant test, and serve recommendations down to the individual level using machine learning.

Incredibly agile and easy to use, trbo’s toolset allows users to make changes in real time and serve their customers’ needs right away.


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