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Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Posted by VerboliaSeptember 10, 2021

Each week for the Weekly Wrap-Up, we read articles published on blogs, newspapers and websites devoted to SEO, e-commerce and digital marketing trends. We then select and summarize for you the best articles we come across.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular topics in the industry this week:

  • Botify raises $55 million to optimize search engine indexing,
  • Nextech AR Solutions to offer AR for e-commerce as self-service SaaS,
  • Forbes explores the reasons why e-commerce customers are diverted from their shopping journey,
  • TikTok unveils the criteria for successful advertising on its platform,
  • Debate of the week: Should e-commerce brands embrace crypto-currency payments ?


Botify raises funds to optimize search engine indexing

📸 Image Credits: Botify


Botify has raised $55 million in a Series C round led by InfraVia Growth and also involving Bpifrance’s Large Venture fund. The company has created a search engine optimization (SEO) platform to get your content better indexed and appear more often in search results. Defining itself as a “white-hat” company, Botify adheres to search engine best principles and don’t scrap results for insights.

In an interview with Techcrunch’s Romain Dillet, Adrien Medard, co-founder and CEO of Botify, said “We’re going to optimize every step of the search funnel from first the quality of the website, how it is designed, how is the content going to be enriched with, etc”.


AR for e-commerce as a self-service SaaS

Earlier this year, Zdnet was telling us how 3D and augmented reality (AR) would disrupt the e-commerce landscape. Booming and highly popularized since last year’s pandemic, AR commerce represents an immediate opportunity to bring digital and hybrid shopping to life by creating immersive shopping experiences.

This week, it was announced in an article, that Nextech AR Solutions will democratize its AR offerings for e-commerce and provide them as a self-service SaaS beginning of October 2021. Big news for small and medium-sized enterprises!


Why e-commerce customers are diverted from their shopping journey ?

📸 Online Shopping


In its latest article, Forbes explores the top reasons why e-commerce shoppers are getting distracted and turning away from their shopping journey. With the unprecedented increase in online transactions, shoppers are less loyal to brands than ever. Consumers are willing to switch brands in search of a better deal or a more fluid online shopping experience.

Forbes listed the five most common reasons why buyers wander off the path to purchase.


Tik-Tok 101 – How to create successful ads.

Few would have bet that Tik-Tok would become the fastest growing social platform, right? The reality is that it’s attracting and drawing more users every day. Last year, the hashtag #Summer2020 recorded 10.8 billion views. With a large number of brands already introducing this platform into their social media strategies, we can expect Tik-Tok to keep rising in the near future.

To help brands make the most out of the opportunities this platform offers, TikTok has released some best practices.


Should e-commerce brands embrace crypto-currency payments ?

📸 Crypto-currency


With the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more online stores are looking to implement new strategies.  The best strategy requires a combination of proven marketing tactics, smart use of customer data, and knowing when to adopt the most innovative tools to grow an audience.

And, what if crypto-currencies were the future of online payment?

Major Tom, a leading global marketing agency, has been testing the capabilities of crypto-currencies within an e-commerce environment. In their latest article, the firm stated that it would offer free crypto integration for clients’ online stores throughout the month of September.