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Weekly Wrap-Up #1

Posted by VerboliaSeptember 3, 2021

This article is part of Verbolia’s new weekly series called “The Weekly Wrap-Up”. 

Starting this week, every Friday, we’ll be bringing you the top 5 articles we’ve seen over the course of the week that relate to e-commerce, SEO and digital marketing trends.

The changing face of e-commerce.

Is e-commerce changing? The answer is obviously a big YES!

The Covid-19 pandemic, has brought a series of unexpected changes to the retail industry, including the accelerated growth of e-commerce. This year, as we approach the last quarter of 2021, the focus is on maintaining this impressive momentum, harnessing the tools and trends that have defined an unimaginable year for online retail.

It is essential that online stores embrace adaptation. Not only to survive the changing retail landscape, but also to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors and position themselves as market leaders in the years to come. One of the best ways to ensure that this happens is to keep up with industry news and trends!

Here’s a quick recap of some of the most trending topics in the industry this week:

  • Google announced major title changes in Google Search,
  • Etsy surpasses Ebay to become the second most popular marketplace after Amazon,
  • China aims to amend e-commerce laws to prevent counterfeit sales,
  • Google Ads provides its checklist for retail sales for the holiday season,
  • Debate of the Week: Is Tik-Tok the key to e-commerce ?


Major title change in Google Search



If you came across this meme on LinkedIn and Twitter last week, you probably know what we’re talking about. Over the past week, Google made a minor change that affected some of the clickable headlines in search result snippets. Many SEOs and marketers have been struggling to adapt to this sudden change.

As noted in the Search Engine Journal article, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that the search engine is updating its approach to displaying web page titles in search results.


Etsy becomes the second most popular marketplace after Amazon.

Etsy overtook Ebay to become the second most popular marketplace outside of China, thanks to the rise of small and medium-sized businesses during the pandemic outbreak.

According to new data from CenturyLinkQuote, which analyzed data from SemRush and Google Trends, Etsy is now the second most searched online marketplace, behind Amazon. Last month, its was reported that Etsy has seen the number of active sellers on its platform almost double.

Read this article to learn more on Etsy and its phenomenal growth.


China will consider amendments to e-commerce law.

On August 31, it was announced, on Reuters, that China would listen to proposals to change the law on e-commerce. With the changes to be open for public review, market regulators are already warning offending organizations of the possibility of having their licenses revoked if the necessary steps are not taken.

We’ll bring you some more details in the coming weeks !


Google provides a guideline to retailers for the upcoming festive season.

With the holiday season fast approaching, consumers are already intensifying their purchases. Consumers are eager to continue combining their online and in-store shopping experience. Digital behaviors such as home delivery and click and collect are expected to continue.

To help retailers meet their customers’ requirements, Google Ads has prepared a 4-point checklist.


Is Tik-Tok the key to e-commerce ?

Having captured millions of teenagers worldwide and being the most downloaded application on earth, Tik-Tok is rapidly disrupting e-commerce. Following its recent partnership with Shopify, TikTok will permit the direct integration of a product catalog and the ability to purchase from its application. In other words, social e-commerce is more than ever on the rise.

As per Joris Kroese, CEO and founder of global omnichannel commerce solutions provider, Hatch, it has never been more important to integrate social commerce into a well-designed omnichannel sales strategy.

Invited by The Fintech Times to comment on this phenomenon, Joris Kroese shared his views on the impact of social media on e-commerce.