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Fast Five – Tanguy Deglas

Posted by VerboliaSeptember 22, 2021

For this edition of our Fast Five series, we are pleased to welcome Tanguy Deglas. Specialized in SEO, Growth Hacking and CRO, Tanguy Deglas is an SEO specialist at Shippr, a digital platform that offers on-demand logistics and promotes environmentally sustainable deliveries.

During the interview, Tanguy told us how he got involved in SEO, talked about the main challenges of SEO and shared with us a typical optimization to do in SEO for e-commerce.


1) What was your first SEO project, and how did it go?

My very first project in SEO took place during my internship (in 2017).

I was working on the creation and optimization of private blog networks (PBNs). We were using these PBNs for link building campaigns: to our own sites, but also for link exchanges with other sites. This allowed us to increase our Trust Flow (TF) metrics.


2) What are the main challenges of SEO in 2021 ?

It’s still “becoming Google’s best friend” 😉

For me, the main challenges are content and Core Web Vitals. This has been a hot topic in SEO for a while now, but content will continue to be more and more important in 2021. To rank well, it’s essential to offer quality content, developed with the user’s needs in mind.

The key is to do smart keyword research to write about topics people are looking for, study your competitors’ content, and combine these data to craft something better.

Websites must be optimized for a perfect user interface, which includes fast loading, easy mobile navigation, … while websites that continue to use dishonest SEO techniques will lose traffic and ranking.

And finally, they must also meet the needs of users for better SEO results !


3) What is your favourite SEO software ?

I love the combination of Screaming Frog, Majestic and Semrush !

It’s really hard to choose one of them, but if I had to… I’d probably go with Semrush. It provides a lot of great data for SEO.


4) What is the most common SEO mistake you see people making?

I would say that it’s all about keyword selection!

People choose the wrong keywords for their purpose (user intent), target keywords that are too hard to rank for, put keywords everywhere and don’t structure their pages properly.


5) What is a typical low-hanging fruit optimization to make in SEO for e-commerce?

I don’t know if it’s a low-hanging fruit optimization process… But doesn’t it count when we love it?

The site architecture is so important for e-commerce !

A quick win could be to include a “related products” section on each product page. It adds some extra relevant internal links and could be interesting for your sales as well.


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