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Boost your e-commerce revenue through long tail SEO and personalization!

If you run any kind of e-commerce site, one of your most pressing goals is probably to sell more!

Attracting more qualified visitors to your site and increasing the percentage of visitors who make a purchase is essential to achieving this goal.

To provide you insights on how realize your targets, we recently co-hosted a free webinar with trbo on proven long tail SEO methods for traffic acquisition and product recommendations for conversion rate optimization. The webinar featured SEO and e-commerce experts from Ripley and ETERNA Mode GmbH respectively.

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Key Takeaways from Webinar

In this webinar, our panel of experts provided insights and recommendations on how to drive conversations and revenue for e-commerce sites through SEO and personalization.

Take a look at the key findings from the webinar to:

✅ Learn how e-commerce leaders and industry experts are boosting their traffic with a long tail SEO strategy.
✅ Get insights on how personalized product recommendations are helping e-commerce leaders to increase conversion rates and sales.
✅ Discover upcoming trends in e-commerce, specifically SEO and buyer behavior.