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Verbolia SEO Solution : Two Months to Start Your Search Engine Dominance

Posted by VerboliaDecember 17, 2018

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency (or specialist) before, chances are, you’ve been told that it takes time to properly begin and establish an SEO campaign.
It’s no secret that in the SEO landscape, there’s no such thing as overnight success.
Although search engines like Google update their database on a constant basis, typical SEO campaigns often take several months before clients get what they may consider profitable results.
Unfortunately, most companies execute certain strategies incrementally — often needing their previous activity to yield results before they carefully devise their next step.
We’re not saying it’s a bad approach. In fact, it’s actually ideal to take it slow and let data show you the way forward.
Keep in mind that SEO should have no room for guesswork. Whether you’re running a personal blog, company website, ecommerce site, or even a classified ads website; every piece of content, keyword, and link must be specifically tailored to your audience and the current search engine algorithms.
If you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on SEO that can’t deliver results, you need to calculate every step you take.
The only problem is, you lose a significant amount of time figuring out how to tweak certain aspects of your strategy and maximize results.
Here at Verbolia, we formulated a foolproof, two-month process that will allow your site to rank at full speed.
Here’s how it works.

Content Marketing: The Focal Point of Modern SEO

Think about it for a second.
Extensive keyword research, content development, guest blogging — the core processes involved in an SEO campaign are basically content marketing at the highest level.
It only makes sense since search engines are supposed to help users find the information they need. As such, it’s their duty to find only the best pages available on the internet’s ever-deepening pool of content.
That’s why the Verbolia solution is all about turning your existing content as the catalyst for SEO growth.
In simple terms, we will take all useful assets on your website, enhance it with information from external resources, and turn it into thousands of landing pages that are 100% optimized for search engines with unique content. Each page is also structured to align with your target audience’s journey — ensuring highly personalized user experiences that ultimately lead to conversions.

Optimized landing page – Spott

By the end of your campaign, you’ll have more than enough unique high-quality, link-worthy content to be indexed by search engines and seen as an authoritative information provider in your niche. You won’t have to invest in a high-maintenance team of content marketers, web designers, and writers to gear up your site for top rankings.
It’s that simple.

The Different Phases of Your Verbolia Campaign

First and foremost, we divide our SEO as a service solution into # different phases:

Phase 1: Defining Your SEO Architecture

During the initial phase of your project, your website will be thoroughly probed for the cornerstone assets to be used in your campaign.
No — your target keywords aren’t the only elements that will be siphoned in this step.
Our team will also dissect your website’s current rankings for relevant keywords and their competition. Using all available information, we will also find new ranking opportunities in other search terms to maximize your online visibility.

SERP Position Analysis

In case problematic pages are detected, such as poorly-structured or keyword-stuffed posts that may lead to a penalty, they will be marked to be deindexed or redirected. The client’s website will then be assessed where and how links to new landing pages will be inserted.
Long story short, there will be no stone left unturned when mapping the comprehensive architecture of your website. Everything will be designed and fine-tuned around the experience, structure, and content that will help you dominate the search results.

Phase 2: Analyzing Your Google Data And Your Content

As the largest search engine on the planet, Google promises the most rewards to high-ranking sites.
This is the sole reason why SEO experts focus on Google algorithms when creating blueprints for their campaigns.
Once we define your website’s SEO architecture, we then utilize your Google data — particularly from Google Analytics and Search Console. This allows our platform to complete a variety of tasks during this phase, such as:

  • Plan a solid internal link structure for an optimized “link equity” distribution
  • Apprehend and consolidate all crucial SEO metrics
  • Create a list of URLs that will be redirected to our servers
  • Identify structured or unstructured content available
  • Decide what kind on content to create based on the data of the clients.

For e-commerce clients, the platform also defines the appropriate data model that can be used to store and manage product information in the most efficient way possible.

Phase 3: Creating Landing Page Design Drafts

At this point, the Verbolia team is now ready to create page templates that will be used for your new site.

Landing page design – Bsit

During which, Verbolia’s home-brewed NLP or Natural Language Processing engine will also extract important sentences and combine it with information from external sources. The NLG engine will be in high gear — producing templates for all content categories, such as blog posts, product pages, category pages, or product descriptions.
Rest assured that you can collaborate closely with our team to make sure the drafts exceed your expectations. Your approval is required before the new designs will be implemented in your Verbolia campaign.
You never have to worry about outsourcing your content during this phase. Your content development efforts will be fully powered by Verbolia’s NLG engine through data extracted in the previous phases.
Additional data may be crawled or accessed via a custom API to assist the NLG engine in generating content. The final frontend page designs will be polished while the internal link structure is reviewed before a pre-implementation report can be sent to you.

Phase 4: Validation and Go Live!

Before your landing pages go live, we go over a long checklist to guarantee the SEO-friendliness of your new content.
This includes the insertion of target keywords, link equity distribution through internal links, website performance, and so on.
Of course, you also get to decide when your new landing pages are up to par and ready for launch. With your go signal, these pages will be launched and automatically structured — you just have to add the links to the new landing pages.

Links to a selection of landing pages – Delcampe

That’s it, your brand new, fully-optimized site is now live!
We then proceed to the fifth and final phase of your Verbolia campaign.

Phase 5: Ongoing Monitoring

In SEO, no result is final.
Continuous monitoring is required to make sure your website performs as planned (users metrics, performance metrics etc). Any discrepancy between the projected and actual results warrants a quick investigation and response from our end.
Verbolia also constantly monitors Google algorithm updates to help you capitalize on the latest trends or avoid penalization due to outdated tactics. Whenever possible, our solution will also beef up your site with new content pieces that match the ever-changing needs of users and search engines.


That’s it — a breakdown of the Verbolia solution and how it can benefit your website.
Keep in mind that the phases mentioned above are completely flexible. Sometimes, additional steps are necessary to match the specific needs of clients, but it shouldn’t stop us from delivering measurable and profitable results.
If you are interested in the Verbolia SEO as a service solution, feel free to keep in touch through our official contact channels.
Let’s get your website ready for a more productive 2019!
On that note, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!