Unlock your E-commerce Potential - The Secret is More Product Listing Pages

Learn how the top e-commerce brands are driving non-branded SEO traffic to their stores and learn how to replicate their success.

Inside, you’ll find actionable strategies to optimize your Product Listing Pages and elevate your SEO game.

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Anatomy of a Perfect Product Page for Ecommerce

Product pages are arguably the most important pages on your website.

The quality of your product page will determine the difference between bounces and conversions.

To build a killer product page, there are certain elements to consider and specific functionality to add.

After analyzing the product pages of some of the biggest e-commerce brands such as Amazon, Boohoo and Decathlon, we’ve identified the top 24 elements your product page must have to compete with the big sharks in the industry.

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How to Prepare Your E-commerce Site for Black Friday

Black Friday has become one of the most important shopping events for ecommerce. In fact, it can represent up to 50% of the annual turnover of e-commerce sites!

To help you better prepare for future Black Friday campaigns, we’ve asked e-commerce managers from some of the most successful companies to share their best practices.

We’ve outlined in an ebook the 10 strategies, with real-world examples, you should copy to better prepare for Black Friday!


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