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Welcome to our new Customer Success Manager!

Posted by VerboliaSeptember 7, 2022

We are more than happy to announce that Rayane Sassi has joined our ever-growing Customer Success team as Customer Success Manager πŸŽ‰

Despite his busy schedule, Rayane managed to free up some time to tell us a bit more about himself, his past experience and his future goals at Verbolia.


  • Hi Rayane, can you tell us a little about yourself?

    Hello, my name is Rayane and I’m 30 years old.During my free time, I love to play with my son, spend time with my family and friends and do sports (padel, tennis and football).I’m really looking forward to starting, learning and discussing with all my colleagues at Verbolia.


  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

    When I have some free time, I like to enjoy the little things that life has to offer, such as going to restaurants to try new culinary delights and travelling to discover new cultures


  • What was the last book you read?

    Ohh, it was actually a book about Customer Success: Customer Success – A professional handbook.It’s a book I highly recommend to anyone who wants to better understand the world of customer success and learn about its best practices.


  • What is your favourite quote?

    β€œ You miss every shot, you don’t take,” a quote from Hockey Hall of Fame member Wayne Gretzky


  • What were you up to before joining Verbolia?

    I’ve worked for Veepee as a financial analyst and controller for 3 years. I then worked briefly, but very significantly, as CFO at Mundo-Lab for 9 months.I decided to change the direction of my career because I missed the human side of the job, the interaction with people, helping them to achieve their goals and objectives.So here I am, embarking on a new adventure at Verbolia, stepping out of my comfort zone πŸ™‚


  • What do you like the most about Verbolia?

    Verbolia is undoubtedly a great solution for e-commerce sites, allowing them to boost traffic and increase conversion while being cost-effective.I picture Verbolia as a gold farmer… collecting every bit of gold so that when it’s all put together, you get a pile of gold that represents the overall traffic acquisition of an e-commerce site.


  • How does Verbolia stand out from the crowd?

    Verbolia is the perfect example of a successful start-up firm where you will find a young and motivated team, ready to go the extra mile to deliver the best results to its clients.Verbolia operates in a niche sector and is without doubt a pioneer in acquiring traffic on a large scale for e-commerce sites.


  • What value will you add to the clients of Verbolia?

    I believe that my past experience in finance and analytics can help them to better understand their business’ KPIs, both in terms of visibility and revenue.I will be empathetic in finding solutions to keep them together. Their success will be our solution to achieve our goals and objectives.


  • Where do you see the future of e-commerce?

    I think the future of e-commerce is bright. It is growing and becoming more competitive. I think our solution will help e-commerce sites to attract a qualitative audience, increase their conversion rate and differentiate themselves.