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Verbolia raises 1 million euro to become the leader in AI-assisted SEO!

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Verbolia raises 1 million euro to become the leader in AI-assisted SEO!

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verbolia team

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first 1 million euro raised, only a few months after the launch of Verbolia in July. Close collaborations between private partners, the founders and two other investment institutions, Wap Invest and, have led us to this milestone. This is exciting news for our young start-up as we move into high gear.

SEO automation by Verbolia

Verbolia simplifies and automates SEO. Unlike traditional SEO agencies and tools, we have developed a solution that uses a range of technologies with the assistance of AI, an area in which we are a forerunner.
Our solution, which we have named SEO-as-a-Service, uses existing and archived content to attract the right traffic to websites and convert it as needed.

The Verbolia solution can boost a site’s SEO in as little as a few weeks with the help of AI technology. We want businesses that do not have a dedicated team or SEO knowledge to be able to benefit from our expertise and experience the advantages our solution has to offer

Pierre-Olivier DanhaiveCEO of Verbolia

Our technology is based on seven years of research and development in AI and SEO. Years of ideation and intricate work to provide businesses (marketplaces, classifieds sites, apps, online newspapers, etc.) with a comprehensive solution for them to outsource their SEO needs.

What will the funds be used for?

First off, we plan to invest more into R&D to automate the different steps of our process. The goal: to reduce time-to-market in order to offer a competitive and high tech solution.
The funding will also allow us to expand our client base in Belgium and throughout Europe, with special interest in the German, French, British and Dutch markets. “Thanks to these funds, Verbolia can now set out to conquer new territory and acquire new clients in both the Belgian and European markets,” explains Verbolia CTO Vincent Vandegans. Lastly, the raised funds will be used to finance the automation of certain SEO processes including content writing and keyword generation.

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