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VIDEO: The truth behind SEO with Pierre-Olivier Danhaive

Posted by VerboliaFebruary 19, 2020

Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, our CEO and co-founder at Verbolia, had the fantastic opportunity of speaking with Michael Humblet during an episode of The Chaos Show on his popular YouTube channel.

Pierre used this opportunity to speak about SEO, its importance to businesses and to highlight some of the most common SEO mistakes Verbolia has observed among its clients.

Michael asked Pierre-Oliver what the biggest mistake Verbolia sees people making? He stated:

“There are so many very simple basic things that you need to cover. And most people just don’t. You have free tools like Lighthouse, you go online, you check, then you get a list of recommendations. If you’re not good with this, it just won’t work. It’s the basics that are important and most people just don’t cover the basics. The real problem with SEO is that it’s really, really broad. You need to be good technically but also in terms of content, in terms of UX. So it’s a really wide span in terms of expertise. SEO is not one thing so that’s the common reason why people are not so good at it.”

Watch the full video below to get some great tips and advice to improve the SEO of your website.