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IAB MIXX Awards 2019

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mixx award 2019

Each year, the IAB MIXX Awards recognises and honours digital craftsmanship as well as digital cross media marketing excellence in Belgium.

16th of October, the 12th edition was held in Brussels, where over 500 professionals, from digital marketing and media companies, attended the award ceremony.

Four expert juries evaluated campaigns and marketing innovations in the following domains:

  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Platforms
  • Mark Ad-Tech Tools
  • Media

Each of the juries was headed by the following

Anne-Clotilde Picot – Ikea – Digital Communication

Bram Cappaert – Prophets – Digital Platforms

Olivier Simonis – Qualifio – Mark Ad-Tech Tools

and Els Thielemans – Maxus Belgium – Media

Verbolia was nominated in the category ‘Best Mark Ad-Tech Tools’ next to, none other than, internet giant Google!

The award was to be given to the company that could prove “how innovative they are and how unique they are in helping actors (advertisers, agencies, media agencies…) in the marketing industry”.

However fierce the competition, we are very proud to announce that:

Verbolia has won the GOLD award for best Mark Ad-Tech Tools!

mixx award Mark Ad-Tech Tools 2019

What a great achievement!

Verbolia launched a little over a year ago in July 2018 and since then dozens of companies have chosen Verbolia technology to increase their traffic SEO market share. More importantly, our company has always been very attentive to the latest technologies and we love to apply new techniques.

Pierre-Oliver Danhaive and Bart Verschueren - MIXX award

For us, to see our company values come to fruition with this award is incredible.  Hence, it is a welcome recognition from industry professionals and it reassures us that our solution is relevant and that it responds to a real need for websites and businesses!

The 5 expert judges in our categorie Mark
Ad-Tech Tools were:

  • Olivier Simonis – Qualifio (president)
  • Sandra Philippaerts – Roularta
  • Benjamin Sekkai – Vectaury
  • Laetitia Dangoisse – Selligent
  • Ruben Geeraerts – S4M
Verbolia MIXX award

Finally, we would like to thank the jury for choosing our company as the most innovative tool in the marketing industry for 2019!

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