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How to use cold content to grow the sales performance of your e-commerce landing page? Verbolia x Semji’s stories

Posted by VerboliaOctober 26, 2022

Some weeks ago, Google announced the launch of its latest helpful content update, which is expected to initially impact English searches worldwide, before being extended to other languages in the coming months.

What we do know is that this update will primarily affect websites that have a relatively high amount of unsatisfactory or useless content, where the content is written primarily for search engines.

So, as an e-commerce owner, what can you do to avoid being hit by Google?

We strongly recommend that e-commerce sites optimize their cold content by creating unique content that is relevant to the users visiting the long tail category or keyword page. One of the main reasons is that when a visitor lands on a category page related to their query, their user experience is enhanced and they are more likely to purchase what they are searching for from your site.

In this article, we will explain how one of our clients, specialized in sales of both new and second-hand vehicles, increased traffic to its website by optimizing cold content on its category pages. But first, what is cold content?


Importance of creating optimized cold content

📸 example of cold content


Cold content is literally all the text above and below the product listings on category pages.

When it comes to SEO, we all know that content is extremely important as it will help you increase visibility, ranking and organic search traffic. This makes content the focal point of any e-commerce site.

Therefore, as an e-commerce site owner, it is essential to constantly create optimized content for your website.

To climb the SERPs, content and SEO must work hand in hand!

But that’s only when they’re at their best. If not done correctly, they can lead to Google penalties that are virtually impossible to remedy.

Penalties may result from an algorithm update or from suspected black hat SEO tactics such as dubious links or keyword stuffing.

Here are some common reasons to be manually penalized by Google:


  • Thin content
  • Hidden text and links, 
  • User-generated spam, 
  • Unnatural or poor quality links to your site, 
  • Keyword stuffing, 
  • Hacked website and
  • Abuse of structured data tags.


We know that it can be quite difficult and costly to manually create content for each product on your category pages when you have thousands of products. It’s best to use tools that can create unique and relevant content on a large scale that will address the queries of your users.

This is exactly what one of our clients did by combining Verbolia with Semji, a SAAS platform based in France and Canada dedicated to generating high quality content for digital marketing teams.


Verbolia x Semji’s method to accelerate content optimization and get quick results from e-commerce landing page

One of the main challenges for Semji and Verbolia’s joint client was to differentiate itself from its direct competitors and improve its conversion rates to increase sales. The objective was to position and rank for long tail keywords specific to the automotive sector.

75% of searches not reaching the second page of Google. If you manage to reach the first page, your position in the top 10 also affects your click-through rate. For example, the average click-through rate for a site in the top position is 43.32%. This rate drops to 37.36% for the second position and continues to drop to 3.11% in tenth position.

Therefore, it’s essential that as an online business you find innovative SEO solutions to help you climb the SERPs!  

Extract long tail keywords

First, the Verbolia team analyzed our client’s product feed to extract long tail keywords that met the search intent. Based on these keywords, we created new SEO-optimized landing pages for the categories.

Produce SEO-Optimized Content

As the new pages were created by Verbolia, Semji was integrated with our client’s account on our platform. Using AI, Semji was able to provide SEO recommendations to the client’s marketing team on how to optimize the product category pages by creating quality content.


📸 Semji

By applying these content recommendations from Semji, our client was able to position the pages generated by Verbolia in the top positions of Google.



The combination of Verbolia and Semji has allowed our client to position the pages generated by Verbolia in the top positions just a few weeks after they were launched.

And what we can say is that the results were amazing:

  • 10,000 new SEO optimized landing pages created in a few clicks,
  • 42% increase in organic traffic,
  • 10% Verbolia landing pages powered by Semji have generated 50% of our client’s global traffic,
  • 21,000 organic visits generated by “Verbolia + Semji” pages out of 42,000 total organic visits.


📸 Semji

This phenomenon is not an isolated case!  We see a 6-fold increase in SEO visits per page for our clients who have optimized “people-first content”, like our automotive customer, compared to pages where they have not added “people-first content”.


About Semji

Semji is a powerful platform that will guide you through the entire SEO and search engine optimized content writing process.

It will clearly streamline your entire content creation process from start to finish.

Semji will automatically provide you with recommendations and help after analysis, so your content will have a much better chance of meeting Google’s criteria and the demands of Internet users.

Semji is primarily designed for businesses, such as e-commerce sites, that have large content needs. It uses a content score system which provides you an aggregate score off a total of 100 points based on the following elements:

  • Length, 
  • Search Intents, 
  • Questions, 
  • Topics, 
  • Internal and External Linking.

In short, the more points you have, the more your content will be optimized for SEO.

If you’d like to learn more about how Semji and Verbolia work, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a joint demo to show you how the combination of our complementary platforms can help you increase your ROI and compete with the big e-commerce leaders in your industry.