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Job offer : Natural Language Processing Junior-Senior

We are looking for a junior or senior profile in Natural Language Processing for our organic traffic generation engine (SEO As a Service). The person will not only prepare the algorithms of the solution but also work on R&D projects in data-science and NLP. You will be part of a small existing team with whom […]

Posted by Verbolia January 8, 2019

Verbolia SEO Solution : Two Months to Start Your Search Engine Dominance

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency (or specialist) before, chances are, you’ve been told that it takes time to properly begin and establish an SEO campaign. It’s no secret that in the SEO landscape, there’s no such thing as overnight success. Although search engines like Google update their database on a constant basis, typical […]

Posted by Verbolia December 17, 2018

In-House Vs. Outsourced SEO: Which is Better?

Let’s face it, this is probably not your first time to encounter the term “SEO.” You may have received a couple of emails from people who claim that your website needs some SEO work. If not, you could’ve combed through a handful of online marketing guides and read a section or two about SEO. Nevertheless, […]

Posted by Verbolia December 4, 2018

How Content Marketing Can Bring You Success in SEO this 2019

For the longest of time, marketers have looked at SEO and content marketing as two distinct playing fields. The differences are, of course, easy to spot from afar. SEO is about on-page and off-page practices that improve your rankings in search results, while content marketing is about the development of trust and buyer confidence through […]

Posted by Verbolia November 19, 2018

CRO Methodologies to Create a Website that Converts

In the landscape of Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO, there should be no room for guesstimates and hunches. Every decision you make must utilize sufficient data from your customers, website, and marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, a lot of one-man marketers and solopreneurs rely on the so-called best practices that are believed to increase conversions on a […]

Posted by Verbolia November 7, 2018

4 Website Structure Tips to Improve Search Engine Crawlability

Ever wondered how search engines like Google rank web pages? In a process known as indexing, search engines utilize a special type of software called crawlers. These navigate the web through links and evaluate the rank worthiness or PageRank of every content they come across. That’s why link building — the process of generating backlinks […]

Posted by Verbolia October 25, 2018

Verbolia raises 1 million euro to become the leader in AI-assisted SEO!

[french and dutch below] It is with great pleasure that we announce our first 1 million euro raised, only a few months after the launch of Verbolia in July. Close collaborations between private partners, the founders and two other investment institutions, Wap Invest and, have led us to this milestone. This is exciting news […]

Posted by Verbolia October 10, 2018

Everything you need to know about writing robot and AI

Writing robot is a topic we’re hearing a lot about today. Resulting from the fact that they can be a precious asset in your online business.  The robots have become powerful in recent years and thanks to AI, can now assist you and your team in a lot of daily tasks. Check out our infographic […]

Posted by Verbolia August 31, 2018

An intelligent robot that rewrites your marketing content

Three years ago, used, for the first time, a robot-editor to publish the election results. If it hadn’t been in the tech press, nobody would even have noticed. The quality was excellent, and the human eye could not perceive the difference between an automatic text or one written by a journalist. For almost ten […]

Posted by Verbolia July 31, 2018