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Fast Five – Steven De Moor

Each week, for its Fast Five interview series, Verbolia invites opinion leaders to share their views on SEO and e-commerce. This week, we are pleased to welcome Steven De Moor, Digital Marketing Advisor at TVH, a global leader in aftermarket parts for forklifts, industrial construction and agricultural equipment. At TVH, Steven De Moor is responsible […]

Posted by Verbolia August 25, 2021

Fast Five – Jan Coddens

This week, our Fast Five series takes us to meet Jan Coddens, Digital Marketeer at Pharmapets, a Belgian webshop for pet food, toys and pharmaceuticals. Former digital team leader at Fun Belgium, Jan Coddens has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of SEO and e-commerce. During the interview, Jan talked about his […]

Posted by Verbolia August 18, 2021

Feature Friday – Product Filtering

With the rapid increase of online activities, ranking well on search engines is more and more challenging for website owners. Using keywords that align exactly with a person’s search is no longer the most important ranking factor. Instead, it’s more about the intent behind that keyword and if a piece of content can meet than […]

Posted by Verbolia August 13, 2021

Fast Five – Sven De Meyere

This week, as part of its Fast Five interview series, Verbolia welcomes Sven De Meyere, Freelance fractional CMO and founder of Calypsus – a platform providing Google Data Studio connectors for Facebook ads & Linkedin ads. With a wealth of experience working with and leading some of the brightest firms in our digital eco-system, Sven […]

Posted by Verbolia August 11, 2021

Feature Friday – Monitoring Dashboard

Is your website performing well? Are you achieving your goals? Seemingly simple, these questions can often be difficult to answer. Tracking and monitoring your website’s results play a pivotal role in assessing which online strategies are working and which ones need to be addressed. If you don’t track your results, it will be nearly impossible […]

Posted by Verbolia August 6, 2021

Fast Five – Bart Verschueren

We couldn’t proceed with our Fast Five series without the participation of Bart Verschueren, our Chief Operating Officer. Having already come a long way in the SEO industry and with more than 10 years of experience, Bart Verschueren is the co-founder of Verbolia and eRowz, a booming Belgian scale-up firm. With more than 10 million […]

Posted by Verbolia August 4, 2021

How Google Crawls Your Website and Indexes Your Content

You need to understand how Google crawls and indexes your e-commerce website (and content), so you can fix every issue that might obstruct the Google web crawl process. While many website owners understand (and implement) on-page and off-page SEO strategies, only a few pay attention to technical SEO—even though it also impacts websites’ SEO health. […]

Posted by Verbolia August 2, 2021

Feature Friday – Link Building

Regardless of the product, the optimal goal of any e-commerce site is to attract customers. Once on your web page, customers can explore your well-designed interface and look at your products before closing a deal via call-to-action (CTA) buttons, such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. The more a customer navigate through your website, […]

Posted by Verbolia July 30, 2021

Fast Five – Esteve Castells

This week, for its Fast Five series, Verbolia welcomes Esteve Castells, Global SEO Manager for the Adevinta group. Having helped some of the biggest brands in the world to achieve their SEO potential, Esteve Castells is currently in charge of the organic growth channels at Adevinta, a leading marketplace in 16 countries with 30M daily […]

Posted by Verbolia July 28, 2021

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Paid Search

Unlike SEO, where leads are effectively “free” after a long enough time, every paid search lead costs you money. So you have to make sure your landing page is converting as highly as possible—otherwise, you’ll just be burning through your cash. To avoid wasting money on paid search ads, you’ll need to optimize your eCommerce […]

Posted by Verbolia July 26, 2021

Feature Friday – Feature List Management

One of most important elements, on which e-commerce players should focus on, are product attributes. Product attributes are pivotal to getting your brand noticed in an ever escalating e-commerce market. Product attributes refer to the characteristics that define a product. With each product being different to one another, your list of product features may be […]

Posted by Verbolia July 23, 2021

Fast Five – Olivier Tahir

For the second edition of our Fast Five series, we asked some questions to Olivier Tahir, SEO Manager at Bpost. Former Head of Operations at Verbolia, Olivier has a vast experience in the areas of SEO, CRO and Analytics. During our interview, Olivier told us about his first SEO project, his favorite SEO software and […]

Posted by Verbolia July 20, 2021