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Feature Friday – Feed import

If you want to start using Verbolia, you might be wondering how to import your entire catalog into our platform to generate landing pages. In order to make this step easier, we have created a product feed import tool. Whether you have a catalog of 3,000 or 100,000 products, importing your whole product range works […]

Posted by Verbolia June 18, 2021

Is My Ecommerce Website Optimized For Search Engines Bots?

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your store—but ranking high in the search engines is among the most powerful. A high ranking brings you buyer-ready traffic and instantly confers customer trust upon you, leading to huge revenue opportunities. But how do you know if your eCommerce website is optimized for the search […]

Posted by Verbolia June 10, 2021

6 HTML Tags To Improve Your SEO And Rank Better

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you likely didn’t plan to become an SEO expert. You’re here to sell products and make money.   However, knowing some basic HTML tags can be of huge help in your efforts to drive more traffic to your site.   These HTML tags are tiny code snippets that essentially teach search […]

Posted by Verbolia June 4, 2021

How Much Does SEO Cost? The Key to SEO That Works for Your Budget

Your eCommerce store has plenty of options for getting in front of customers eager to buy from you. One of the best is SEO. In today’s increasingly digital business environment, you need a fast, intuitive storefront with strong SEO. But nailing SEO is complicated. Plus, it takes a long time to kick in. That’s why […]

Posted by Verbolia June 4, 2021

Verbolia has been crowned Startup of the Year at The Big Squeeze Awards 2021

And the winner is… Verbolia For the third edition of The Big Squeeze Awards, an annual event for tech startups, Verbolia was crowned Startup of the Year. Organized by and, the aim of the Big Squeeze Awards is to honor outstanding Belgian entrepreneurs for their achievements in the digital ecosystem. This year, the […]

Posted by Verbolia May 12, 2021

How To Optimize Your Pages With Canonical URLs

Duplicate content is unfortunately prevalent online. Many ill-intentioned individuals copy others’ content and make slight adjustments to try and trick search engines into ranking that content. Google has gotten wise to this and punishes those websites when its algorithms detect intentional duplicate content. What’s more, you may accidentally duplicate your own content. This won’t necessarily […]

Posted by Verbolia May 7, 2021

How to Calculate SEO ROI on your Ecommerce

Did you know that about 53% of all website traffic is organic? With so much organic traffic, it’s helpful to know what kinds of financial results your SEO efforts (or lack thereof) are driving. Conversions and sales are of obvious importance in measuring if that traffic is worth anything to you. However, these two metrics […]

Posted by Verbolia April 21, 2021

How To Improve Page Speed On Your Website

6 Simple Tips to Improve Page Speed on Your E-Commerce Website Most people think of keywords and backlinks when they talk about SEO. However, SEO algorithms are designed to reward websites with excellent user experience—and a big part of that is page speed. Think about it: You won’t stay on a website very long if […]

Posted by Verbolia April 14, 2021

How to build internal linking for large eCommerces

When the average entrepreneur hears “SEO,” they likely think of keyword-rich blog posts and backlinks. Keywords are a vital component to any SEO strategy, sure. Backlinks from authoritative sites help plenty, too. But internal linking is a powerful yet often neglected strategy for bolstering your ecommerce website’s SEO. Internal linking is merely linking between pages […]

Posted by Verbolia April 2, 2021

What Is a Qualitative SEO Website in 2021?

They say that the only constant in life is change, and that’s certainly true when it comes to digital marketing. Things evolve and updates roll out all the time, meaning that what constitutes a qualitative SEO website in 2021 may not be the same as the last time you tackled your search engine optimization a […]

Posted by Verbolia March 23, 2021

Why SEO is A Continuous Process

Engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) brings your store to the top of the search engines—a process that results in steady streams of warm and often buyer-ready customers. However, SEO isn’t something you do once and forget. Sure, you may optimize your store for SEO initially when you launch it. But you’ll quickly fall behind […]

Posted by Verbolia March 17, 2021

How Many Web Pages Should an eCommerce Website Have?

Is it time to revamp your eCommerce website? Or maybe you’re starting from scratch. Either way, you’ve got a lot of quick decisions to make. As you start designing your new eCommerce website, you’ll come up against a lot of questions. One of them, inevitably, will be: “How many web pages should my website have, […]

Posted by Verbolia March 9, 2021