E-commerce SEO & SEA: Best practices and tips from leaders in Europe, LATAM and USA

Thursday, 21 September 2022 at 17:30 (CEST)

Whether in the United States, Latin America, or Europe, one of the main priorities of every e-commerce site will always be the same: Attract as many customers as possible to maximize sales 馃殌

Traffic acquisition tactics such as SEO and SEA (or SEM) are crucial for e-commerce leaders to increase site visits.

More importantly, when done well, these tactics also result in more sales, directly impacting an e-commerce company’s bottom line.However, it can be challenging for retailers to succeed in traffic acquisition with search engine marketing.

Therefore, in this webinar, we will speak with e-commerce and traffic acquisition experts to:

  • Breakdown the most important elemets of an e-commerce traffic a successful acquisition strategy with SEO and SEA
  • Get actionable tips to level up your e-commerce traffic acquisition game
  • Get insights into search engine marketing best practices of leading e-commerce companies worldwide
  • Gather expert recommendations to overcome common challenges like resources and budget
  • Get perspectives from Europe, Latin America and the USA on trends in SEO and SEA

Hosted by

Alicia Medina

Partnership Manager



Pierre-Olivier Danhaive



Guest Speaker

Karla L贸pez Torres

Managing Director

t2贸 Mexico

Guest Speaker

Jonathan Acosta

Strategy & Global Business Director


Guest Speaker

Alex Ramirez


t2贸 USA