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Decathlon deployed thousands of product listing pages from a long-tail keyword list and now attracts +1 million extra SEO visits per month. Contact us now to learn how you too can experience the same growth.

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Do we need internal resources to setup Verbolia?

Yes but not a lot 🙂 To launch thousands of SEO optimized pages with Verbolia you need to provide us with your product catalog. If you already have a product feed like Google shopping feed we’re good on this point.

Next to that, someone from your team will need to install the Verbolia pages pages in a subfolder. This is needed to allow Verbolia pages are residing on your domain. Usually this takes about 30 minutes to configure. More on this can be found here.

Finally you’ll need to add a JS script on your category pages and product detail pages. This script will generate a linking block at the bottom of these pages. This can be done in Tag Manager so for this no IT resources are needed.

How long does it take to implement Verbolia?

Typically the implementation takes a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and your reactivity. Once we start working with you, we assign a Customer Success Manager to assist your team during installation. He/she will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

What happens when a page doesn't have products anymore ?

By default, when a Verbolia doesn’t find products in your feed for an existing page, a 302 temporary redirection is set to another similar Verbolia page. But you are free to change this behaviour any time you want. Verbolia offers the flexibility to change the redirection type and destination and this for 1, many or all keywords. You can also set as of how many products on a page the redirection should be triggered.

Is there a risk of SEO penalty?

Absolutely not, it’s even the opposite: the pages created by Verbolia provide to the visitors the very best experience, the fastest loading speed, carefully selected content and an internal linking architecture that will ease the crawling by the Search Engine bots. Furthermore, Verbolia has developed deduplication algorithms to avoid pages targeting same user intent. With this, you are even globally increasing the average SEO quality of your website.

Any technology! The pages managed by Verbolia are independent from your technology. They are installed on the domain name of your website, but in a different folder from your ecommerce platform.

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