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Fast Five – Enric Cos

Posted by VerboliaAugust 24, 2022

This week’s Fast Five interview takes us to Barcelona to meet Enric Cos, Senior SEO at Elabs Consulting S.L, a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO, CRO and SEM.

With more than 10 years of experience in SEO and SEM, Enric has a solid background in lead generation and web analytics. During the interview, Enric shared his views on the future of SEO and gave us some interesting tips on how to implement SEO within reach for e-commerce.


  • What was your first SEO project, and how did it go?

It was a project with a “training” theme oriented to Vocational Training (FP) in Spain where the aim was to attract qualified organic traffic to attract leads for training brands. It worked very well for both high competition keywords and long tail keywords.


  • What are the main challenges of SEO in 2022 ?

Adapt to the constant changes of the algorithm as well as the detection of opportunities for clients.


  • What is your favourite SEO software ?

It has to be Ahrefs!


  • What is the most common SEO mistake you see people making?

Bad architecture as well as keyword cannibalization


  • What is a typical low-hanging fruit optimization to make in SEO for e-commerce?

1. Work the categories as verticals of authority,
Detect opportunities in the long tails,
3. Structured data work.