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Waio and Noukie’s, let’s focus on eCommerce!

Posted by VerboliaFebruary 5, 2020

Welcome on board! Take off is imminent! We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with our first clients in e-commerce, Waio and Noukie’s respectively. The two firms are the latest additions to Verbolia’s ever-growing family.

Waio, your alternative to traditional products

Waio is an e-commerce site which proposes innovative alternatives to traditional products. The young start-up provides eco-friendly and zero waste products ranging from baby accessories, furniture to electronic devices. Its global mission is “to offer a wide panoply of products, online, which are made for the attention of the planet, for the people who make the products and for the general public at competitive prices.”

Noukie’s launches its e-commerce activity

Established in 1992, Noukie’s has marveled generations of kids with its iconic teddy bears. Throughout the years, the family business has perpetually followed technological advances to expand its activities. Today in 2020, Noukie’s has for priority to accelerate its digital transformation with regards to its e-commerce hub. Channeled by SRIW (Société Regionale d’Investissement de Wallonie), Noukie’s has associated itself with Verbolia to accentuate this transformation.

“For us, the internet is a strategic pillar of development. If we want to continuously grow up, we must effectively tackle our digital footprint. To create this digital presence, accent is put on innovation and constant improvement daily. Cutting-edge technologies like Verbolia are essential.”

Amaury Gillot, Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Noukie’s.

For this coming year, the goals and objectives of Verbolia are clear. Our start-up is looking forward to ascertaining its position as one of the most prominent Belgian start-up firms in Wallonia. To meet our targets, we will continue to develop our organic SEO solutions in order to augment web traffic for our esteemed clients.

“We have developed a pioneering technology which can be easily adapted to numerous types of website. However, we believe that its best use for ultimate success is in e-commerce. Noukie’s is a popular brand appreciated by web users. By giving them a technological push, their website will rapidly attract many additional visitors.”

Pierre-Olivier Danhaive, CEO at Verbolia.

Verbolia and e-commerce, a new challenge

It is no secret that e-commerce is booming. For 2019, worldwide e-commerce has increased, approximately, by 18% from the year before. With growth expected to nearly double by 2023, competition in e-commerce will certainly become fiercer.  One way to stay ahead of the competition is to invest in SEO and attract organic traffic.

At Verbolia, we are focused on providing an all-encompassing SEO solution for our partners. And that’s why, we have been thinking for several months about extending our solution for e-commerces. We are now pushing the boundaries further as a tech company enabling our clients to get automated landing pages fully optimized for SEO. And we are very excited to see the first results.

If like our new partners, Waio and Noukie’s, you are looking for SEO solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. In a click, our dedicated team will analyse your site, work our magic and in a flick, we will come back to you with our tailor-made solution to your problems. How amazing is that!