Convertyour news website `Ninja` status with a power website `Ninja` status with a power boost boost fromfrom Verbolia!

You undoubtedly have hundreds of thousands of articles either archived or invisible after a few days. Our solution works its magic on them and creates masses of landing pages with unique rework content, organized in a semantic architecture .

SEO as a service solution, adapted to your business

  • Content mix. We will enhance your existing articles, even archived content, reworking it to get the most out of your content. Using the latest NLP and NLG technologies, we will automatically create content derived from your information and external content. With this content mix, you will have pages with powerful semantic context entirely dedicated to the topics most interesting to your readers. The generated texts are unique and provide relevant and entertaining information for your users.
  • Long tail pages. We will identify and analyze long tail keywords with top potential for your media website and your targeted users. This will enable us to predict search rankings for each keyword, and generate thousands of landing pages, each optimized to attract traffic via targeted search patterns. The architecture of the new pages will be optimized by our SEO engine. Together with the specific content written for your landing pages, you will obtain optimal SEO results and attract long tail traffic.
  • Top level engagement. We will create perfectly coordinated landing pages with a look and feel that reflects your website. Interactive content will enrich user experiences by means of a large gamut of features based on your data as well as on external information. Top level engagement with your visitors will be achieved thanks to optimized navigation and user-friendly pages.
  • Continuous monitoring. We continuously monitor the newly created pages and analyze their rankings in search results pages, as well as the traffic generated and their conversion rates. This enables us to constantly tweak them to react as efficiently as possible not only to changes in google algorithms but also to user's needs. If new opportunities are detected, new pages will be created.
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We can implement a full custom solution to your site before you can say cowabunga!

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10 million users visit our partners' sites every month. You can also grab a piece of the action.


Verbolia easily integrates with your existing platform to help businesses acquire and engage with their users-driving conversion and revenue for the business.

Achieve more with Verbolia

  • Increase your revenue Monetize your host of new landing pages with advertising, sponsored content or other opportunities arising
  • Customized platform The new pages use the same URL and will follow the look and feel of your current website
  • Save time We can implement a full custom solution to your site before you can say - abracadabra!!
  • Attract new visitors By ranking higher on search engines, new visitors will drop by.
  • Optimize your resources Automatic content frees time for your journalists to spend more time on more complex topics.
  • High engagement Interactive pages will increase engagement with your visitors and enhance your general website metrics.
Featured case study

Featured case study

Spott is a Belgium based company which raised €3.5 Million in order to fulfill its mission of making content interactive and shoppable. is making waves in the media industry and has won numerous awards, including the 2017 Rising Star Award at Fast 50 Deloitte, as well as the Global Ad-Tech Start-Up of the Year Award at the Future of TV Advertising Forum in London. Spott was in need of assistance to turbo boost SEO traffic to its site and was impressed by the combined expertise of SEO and NLP/NLG technology from eRowz.

  • 56.000 pages created
  • Up to 56.000 daily pages crawled by Google
  • 30.000 monthly visits