The SEO as a service solution to convert your classified ads website to `Ninja` status!

You`ve got a gazillion underused ads just waiting to see the light of day and produce better value for you. With the help of AI and via semantic architecture based on user intentions, our SEO as a service solution provides a whole host of landing pages, each with its own unique content.

We have a solution, let us do the work for you

  • Unique content We will extract and optimize the descriptions of your classified ads by using the technical detail, up-to-date descriptions as well as other pertinent external sources. We develop the content with the help of our AI technology, enabling us to see through the eyes of your user and create content - 'by the user, for the user'. The results are high-quality, 100% unique targeted descriptions written by a smart ninja robot to draw your users in and convert your visitors.
  • Long tail pages We will identify and analyze high potential long tail keywords for your classified website and your targeted users. Then, we`ll be able to predict search rankings for each keyword and generate thousands of power-boosted landing pages, each one optimized to attract traffic through targeted search patterns. The architecture of the new pages will be optimized by our SEO engine. In conjunction with the specific content written for your landing pages, you'll obtain optimal SEO results and attract long tail traffic.
  • Ux optimization. We will create perfectly integrated landing pages with a look and feel in keeping with your website. Using the information detail found in your ads, advanced filtering options help users to search and find the best ad(s) . Targeted personalized user experiences will improve your classified conversion rates
  • Continuous monitoring. We continually monitor newly created pages and analyze their rankings in search results pages, as well as the traffic they generate and their conversion rate. This allows us to constantly ninja tweak them so that they react in the best possible way to changes in google algorithms but also to users' needs. As new opportunities are detected, new pages are created.
Remove all barriers to ninja power -

boost your revenue!

Limited resources?

No developers to implement our solution, we'll take care of the work for you

Limited time?

We can implement a full custom solution to your site before you can say cowabunga!

Limited experience?

10 million users visit our partners' sites every month. You can also grab a piece of the action.


Verbolia easily integrates with your existing platform to help businesses acquire and engage with their users-driving conversion and revenue for the business.

Why you'll fall in love with Verbolia

  • Increase your revenue Monetize your host of new landing pages with advertising, sponsored content or other opportunities arising
  • Customized platform The new pages use the same URL and will follow the look and feel of your current website
  • Save time We can implement a full custom solution to your site before you can say - abracadabra!!
  • Attract new visitors By ranking higher on search engines, new visitors will drop by.
  • Optimize your resources Automatic page creation frees time for your employees to work on more complex tasks.
  • Increase your conversion rate Interactive pages will increase engagement with your visitors and enhance your general website metrics.
Featured case study

Featured case study Zero to 60.000 new SEO visitors in the space of 2 months is a leading auction website for collectables worldwide. Each day, millions of second-hand stamps, coins and vinyl records are available for sale via In spite of remaining amongst the leaders in the industry, its SEO traffic has been slowly decreasing over the years as a result of competition. Verbolia was contacted and tasked with leveraging the SEO potential of their millions of ads using our advanced technology.

  • 3% conversion rate
  • 500k pages created
  • 60.000 visitors / month