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Get rid of technical limitations and use Verbolia to deliver the strategy you have defined

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You have defined a great SEO/SEA strategy for your customer but ...

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Use Verbolia on your client webshop to get control over the creation of optimized pages for both SEO and Paid Search


How does it work?


Extract a list of historically converting or high-potential keywords from your keywords research, Google Ads or Google Analytics data.


Integrate the perfect looking landing page template. A great opportunity to cross-sell for your design & development team.


Upload the keyword list to Verbolia and generate hundreds or even thousands of super-optimized landing pages for each keyword variation, including relevant products that match the original search query.


Benefit from perfect on-page optimization out of the box with matching URLs, <title> tags, headings, copy and optimized images.


Our smart linking algorithm automatically updates the internal linking to and between the landing pages to make sure search engines crawl the pages that need it the most


Use our integrated reporting suite to keep track of the performance of the different pages & keywords

Verbolia partners with agencies around the world to extend its reach and maximize value for its customers. Learn more about our partner program

Frequently asked questions

With what technology is Verbolia compatible?

Any technology! The pages managed by Verbolia are independent from your technology. They are installed on the domain name of your website, but in a different folder from your ecommerce platform.

How long does it take to implement Verbolia on my website?

Typically the implementation takes between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and your reactivity. Once we start working with you, we assign a Customer Success Manager to lead the installation project with your team. He/she will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Can I use the Verbolia pages to improve my SEA campaigns?

Yes of course… that’s actually the best way to take full benefit of the pages created. Since they are very specific, they make excellent landing pages for Paid Search campaigns, and usually provide better conversion rates.

To whom belong the pages created by Verbolia?

The pages belong to you, and the urls belong to you (as they are on your domain). However the technology used to generate them is property of Verbolia.

Where are the pages hosted?

Verbolia pages are hosted in the cloud, on secure high performance servers. This is the best way to guarantee super high Pagespeed and give access to our algorithms to the application logs. That’s also why Verbolia is simple to set up and independent of your IT infrastructure and CMS.

What happens if we stop working with Verbolia?

If you decide to deactivate Verbolia, the pages will disappear. However, remember that the urls belong to you, so if you want to keep the ranking of the pages and keep getting traffic from them, we recommend that you create your own pages on these same urls or implement a redirection plan.

Is there a risk of penalty?

Absolutely not, it’s even the opposite: the pages created by Verbolia provide to the visitors the very best experience, the fastest loading speed, carefully selected content and an internal linking architecture that will ease the crawling by the Search Engine bots. With this, you are even globally increasing the average SEO quality of your website.

Compatible with custom platforms or ...

Verbolia integrates with all popular e-commerce platforms & many others


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