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Feature Friday – Product Filtering

Posted by VerboliaAugust 13, 2021

With the rapid increase of online activities, ranking well on search engines is more and more challenging for website owners. Using keywords that align exactly with a person’s search is no longer the most important ranking factor. Instead, it’s more about the intent behind that keyword and if a piece of content can meet than intent. However, this does not imply that keyword research is outdated and should not be optimized.

Today, to populate a keyword page, Verbolia reads your product feed on a daily (or even more frequent) basis and matches products to keywords based on the search for words of a given keyword in different fields of your feed. Our search pattern is fully configurable. We use keyword stemming, a technique that requires modifying a set of keywords by using their variations. These variations come from adding prefixes and suffixes to the root of the keyword as well as pluralizing the keyword. For example, if you use the word “sell” in a sentence, the stemming algorithm will recognize the words “sells”, “sold”, “selling” instead as a variation of the word “sell”. Since variation is key, we also rely on synonyms and related keywords to describe our clients’ products. This makes the content easier, for online visitors, to read.

Nevertheless, some of our clients wanted us to go even further … So, we decided to walk the extra mile !

We are very proud to introduce the Product Filtering feature on our scalable e-commerce traffic acquisition platform. With product filtering rules, you can improve the relevance of your products and consequently the conversion of visitors into buyers by: 


  • Applying advanced filters for a keyword: Set up advanced filters with AND/OR rules using operators such as contains, does not contain, equal, less than, in list, …., on all fields of the product data feed.
  • Adding supplementary products for a keyword: Besides the products found by the Verbolia search engine, you can show other products by adding another search word and using the following operators: contains, does not contain, equal, less than, in the list, …., on all fields of the product data feed.

To give you a concrete idea of what it’s like, let’s consider this example of one of Verbolia’s clients based in Chile. In this case, we wanted to exclude 3 and 5 seater sofas on the page for the keyword “sofa 2 cuerpos”. The solution, for this specific keyword, is to exclude products that contain “3” or “5” in the product title.


Simultaneously, this customer also wanted to show products with the word “sillon” in the title, as sillon is a synonym for sofa.This is done by simply setting up an additional search for the keyword “sillon”, as shown below.



With this new feature, our clients can now easily increase their revenue by selecting keywords that have high traffic but with lower than average conversions. For these keywords, they can optimize product selection to ensure that products with the highest conversion rates are displayed. 

With all the different innovative features present on our scalable traffic acquisition system, there is no doubt that some of our e-commerce clients are maximizing their return on investment in a spectacular fashion (with one increasing its ROI by 400% in just a month). That’s because on a single platform, they can optimize their keywords, generate hundreds of perfect landing pages, check the performance of their product feed and set up responsive themes for their websites. Not only will they generate revenue, but they will also reduce costs and save time with our integrated platform. 


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