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Feature Friday – Monitoring Dashboard

Posted by VerboliaAugust 6, 2021

Is your website performing well? Are you achieving your goals? Seemingly simple, these questions can often be difficult to answer.

Tracking and monitoring your website’s results play a pivotal role in assessing which online strategies are working and which ones need to be addressed. If you don’t track your results, it will be nearly impossible to identify visitor trends and other business opportunities that will help you set your objectives and improve your website’s effectiveness. 

Our scalable e-commerce traffic acquisition platform provides you with all the tools you need to monitor the health of the landing pages generated by Verbolia. Our data dashboard gives our clients an overview of some of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for any online shop, such revenue, website traffic and crawling statistics. All figures are updated on a regular basis so that you have access to the most recent data for your website. Thanks to a very user-friendly interface, it is very quick to assess your performance from our dashboard, which is structured around five areas.

The first part provides our clients with a visual breakdown of the key elements of our dashboard. At a glance, they can see how many products they have, how many pages Verbolia has generated, how many website visitors these pages have received and how much revenue they have earned during a specific time frame. You can choose the search period by clicking on the calendar icon. 



Then, you have Visits & Revenues. As the name suggests, you can check your revenue and website traffic figures in this section. The website traffic is divided into three parts: SEO, SEA and other visit sources. You have the ability to filter and fully customize your search by independently selecting the data source you require. By moving your cursor over the chart, you can view the statistics of any given day. 

Next, you have the keyword position tracking function. Within this function, you can follow the evolution of the keywords powered by Verbolia and their ranking on search engines. This gives you an overview of your optimization strategy and whether it is running or not. You can see the number of keywords that are ranked on the 1st position of the search engine result pages, the top 3, the top 10 and so on, up to the 100th position. Additionally, you can check the performance of each keyword through our keyword management feature



Crawling statistics are another important metric for a website. As you know, search engines, especially Google, are committed to providing the most relevant and up-to-date content to Internet users. As such, search engine bots crawl websites to find useful content that will be returned when users perform a search. Web crawling is the primary mechanism for search engines to determine the content on each page, allowing them to link to millions of search results at once. On our dashboard, you can see how many bot visits the pages, generated at our end, are receiving each day. 

Finally, our dashboard also provides you with visual information on the amount of web pages which have been indexed by search engines. Website indexing helps search engines to locate your website, add it to their database, match each page to the topics it covers, make it visible in search engine results pages (SERPs), and then eventually direct the right people to your content.


By extracting raw data from multiple sources (including your Google Analytics account), Verbolia’s dashboard allows users to track and monitor their data on a single platform. It saves time, allows them to instantly see how their websites are performing and to create reports tailored to their needs. For many global e-commerce companies, our scalable traffic acquisition platform is a game-changer! From managing keywords to creating enhanced themes and implementing linking strategies, our platform is a one-stop shop for all online stores that want to get the most out of their investments.

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