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Feature Friday – Link Building

Posted by VerboliaJuly 30, 2021

Regardless of the product, the optimal goal of any e-commerce site is to attract customers. Once on your web page, customers can explore your well-designed interface and look at your products before closing a deal via call-to-action (CTA) buttons, such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. The more a customer navigate through your website, the more you may seal up a deal. 

One of the most important tactics used by e-commerce players to keep potential buyers on their websites is to build internal links.

Internal link building has several advantages for an e-commerce site. It helps search engine crawlers to figure out the structure of your site, enhance the user experience, potentially helps to improve your PageRank and avoid having any orphan page on your website (an orphan page is a page that isn’t linked to any other page and vice-versa).

The main problem is when several thousands of web pages are created. Manually building links to these newly created pages may be a time-consuming process for any e-commerce player. Without links, these newly created pages may not be crawled by Google, and you risk creating orphan pages. Search engines assume that if your page doesn’t have any link from your own website, the page isn’t important. Without a doubt, this will have a major impact on your ranking. 

To meet these specific needs of its customers, Verbolia has developed a linking functionality through its scalable traffic acquisition platform for e-commerce.

First, we provide a script for internal linking, to our clients, to be deployed on their websites. Our clients can add the internal link script on both detail and category pages. Our integrated platform allows them to select the number and types of link they would like to be shown on any given page:

  • relevant links – the script analyzes the content of the page where it is injected to find the most relevant links (for example, if you’re on a category page for smartphones, it will find the products related to the keyword “smartphone”).
  • smart links – based on Google’s log analysis, the script finds the pages that haven’t been visited by google lately (or have been less visited)

These two types of links help to have a good internal linking and show the importance of the Verbolia landing pages to search engines.

Simple to set up, the internal linking script can easily be deployed without the intervention of a web developer. You can add the script directly on your web pages or via Google Tag Manager. 

Once it’s implemented on their websites, the internal link blocks will instantly appear on all of our clients’ web category and detail pages. As shown below, we provide a template design for the internal link blocks. Of course, the design of the link section is fully customizable to match the client’s look and feel. 


Depending on the sales strategy and the types of products they want to promote, the number of links on each page may vary from one client to another. While some prefer to emphasize on the relevancy of their products, others may opt to add more smart links to the internal link blocks. For example, an online car dealer may prefer to link all cars of the same brand together while another one may choose to have a mix match and link motor vehicles of different types together.

In the practice, we recommend to our clients to have at least 75% of  related keywords links and 25 % of smart links on their web pages respectively.



The good thing with the Verbolia platform is that everything is monitored and can be altered in real-time. Therefore, you can always measure the impact of these smart and internal links and optimize accordingly at any given time.

Many international e-commerce firms are already trusting Verbolia to help them reach their full potential. From keyword management, website theme editor to white hat link building, our traffic acquisition platform is a one-stop shop for any shopping website. Not only will you save time and money with our smart tool, you will also be able to increase your return on investment in a relatively short period.

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