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Feature Friday – Keyword Management

Posted by VerboliaJune 25, 2021

Not many sectors are more competitive than ecommerce. The competition is so strong that it’s critical for any online business if it wants to capture the top positions in search results.

That’s where Verbolia comes into action! Our scalable traffic acquisition platform is loaded with all the tools needed to fully optimize your website and get landing pages for SEO and Paid Search.

One smart feature of our platform is the keyword management tool. It allows users to completely manage their keyword list and thereby the pages generated by Verbolia. The keyword management tool is a one-stop shop where you can either add keywords from your keyword research, analyze which keywords are generating the most traffic or measure their impact on your revenues.


In a split second, you can add a list of keywords to our platform. First, you extract a list of keywords with historical or high potential conversions from your keyword research, Google Ads or Google Analytics data. Then, you can either import a CSV file containing your full list of keywords or you can enter, manually, up to 100 keywords at a time.


Each time a keyword is entered, an optimized page is automatically created by our platform which is completely identical to pages from your website. In terms of “look and feel” and page structure, you will not spot any difference between the pages generated by our solution and the original ones.


With our keyword management feature, you have all the data available to track the performance of your pages. You get the AMS (average monthly search) and the number of products matching each keyword, but also. other important KPIs like the SEO visits, SEA visits, SERP positions, revenue generated, Google visits and whether or not the page is indexed.

As shown below, our platform allows you to filter your search and create personalized reports accordingly.

Our keyword management feature is not only exceptionally user-friendly, but it also provides our clients with tractability in monitoring their keywords. In a click, you may directly import your keyword lists into Verbolia’s platform and observe, in real-time, the overall performance of your keywords. Managing keywords has never been this easy!

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