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From Zero to 30.000 new monthly SEO visitors in the space of a single month is a Belgium based company which raise €3.5 Million in order to fulfill its mission of making content interactive and shoppable. is making waves in the media industry and has won numerous awards, including the 2017 Rising Star Award at Fast 50 Deloitte, as well as the Global Ad-Tech Start-Up of the Year Award at the Future of TV Advertising Forum in London. Spott was in need of assistance to turbo boost SEO traffic to its site and was impressed by the combined expertise of SEO and NLP/NLG technology from eRowz.

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Zero to 50.000 new SEO visitors in the space of 2 months is a leading auction website for collectables worldwide. Each day, millions of second-hand stamps, coins and vinyl records are available for sale via In spite of remaining amongst the leaders in the industry, its SEO traffic has been slowly decreasing over the years as a result of competition. Verbolia was contacted and tasked with leveraging the SEO potential of their millions of ads using our advanced technology.

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