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Devops Engineer

We’re hiring a

Devops Engineer

We’re looking for a mid-level Devops Engineer to join our team.

Reporting directly to the CTO, you will be responsible for setting up and maintaining a combination of virtual (AWS) and physical (VMware, Linux) infrastructure in a period of extreme growth.

At Verbolia, there is no line between hardware and software, so you will have to engage regularly and intensively with development teams to support not only their release management processes , but also assist in technical designs and customer facing processes.

You will be continuously involved in designing , building and maintaining automated processes that can handle complex scenarios , and this can apply from the network layers all the way up to customer engagement and everything in between.

Skill and experience

Your level of responsibility will depend on your ability to apply your experience and knowledge across these technical domains:

  • Hybrid datacenter infrastructure : AWS / Vmware;
  • Linux / Windows operating systems;
  • Internet networking protocols : Communication (HTTP/TCP/UDP/…) Management (SNMP/ICMP/…) Security (SSL / HTTPS / …) …
  • …and the components that handle them : Firewalls, routers, proxies, …

While it is not required for you to be a developer , or have development experience, a thorough understanding of that domain and the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently about it is a great plus.

General required skills
  • English (NL and/or FR also valuable);
  • an intrinsic desire to keep learning;
  • the ability to set up and maintain complex structures , while still getting all the details right.

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