An intelligent robot that rewrites your marketing content

Three years ago, used, for the first time, a robot-editor to publish the election results. If it hadn’t been in the tech press, nobody would even have noticed. The quality was excellent, and the human eye could not perceive the difference between an automatic text or one written by a journalist.

For almost ten years now, part of the stock market news of some American newspapers and many websites have been written by robots.

This trend will intensify in the coming years.

Why write with a writing robot?

Content consumption has never been greater than it is today (2018). More and more people are connected to the Internet and spend even more time on it than ever before. Writing has opened to everyone and the areas of interest are expanding. There are thousands of subjects for which it is easier to read a text rather than a table of figures. Narrative Sciences specializes in writing board reports and converting Dashboard to text format. They confirmed their dominant position on the subject of NLG (Natural Language Generation) with a record $40 million fundraiser.

Content Is King

Finally, the advent of Vocal Search will require more structured content. Indeed, even if a vocal search does not necessarily require different content, the vocal answer, through the vocal assistants (Amazon Echo, or Google Home for example) will provide structured answers. A great majority will be completely written by a robot before being read by a system of text-to-speech.

According to the BBC, by 2020, 90% of fresh news content will be written by robots. The Associated Press in the United States already produces 10,000 economic and sports (baseball) reports each month.

Marketing content first and foremost.

We have seen an increase in marketing content for three years now. Storytelling and personalized marketing make content marketing a priority for decision-makers.

However, it is impossible for marketing teams to produce content for every user segment, every location, and every customer journey.

Automatic content generation is therefore a massive solution that complements journalistic writing. A robot is not, as it is, capable of storytelling but rather of writing structured and factual content.

So, what does the robot write after all?

Let’s look at a few examples from different industries to better understand the potential of a writer robot.

1. Construction sector

The construction sector is, by definition, a local market. It is therefore important to be able to write local content

Heating engineer in Herve.

The classic rate for a heating engineer is around 50€/hour within the estimates requested. This is known in particular for: "boiler, maintenance, advice". Its execution time is rather slow in view of the demand it has. It can operate for: "energy works, a condensing boiler, or reduce your heating consumption".
The Herve entity has a low concentration of population. The unemployment rate is quite high. It is a large city, in the heart of a rural horizon. Income is moderately high. There are more than 19 "heating" categories.

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2. Media and celebrities

In the media context, we find content that can be generated on the basis of an interpretation of the photo.

These contents are generated on the basis of the photo and a possible caption.
You can find the result on an application that allows you to see the clothes worn by celebrities of tv shows.
These are short texts that allow the user to understand what the photo represents and automatically add hashtags for social media

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Another example in the sports world demonstrates the algorithm’s ability to link information together. In the case below, we find a description of two football players who share common elements of their biography.

Karim Benzema and Francisco Román Alarcón are both from the football world. They are members of the Real Madrid CF team. Born on 19 December 1987 in Lyon, Karim is a French football player. Out of 81 appearances for the national team, he scored 27 times. On his team, he's number 9.

Benzema weighs 79 kgs and is heavier than Francisco, he is also taller with his 1.83m. Forward at Real Madrid CF this season, he scored 10 times out of 41 games played. In addition, he participated in the 2008 European Football Championship. Francisco Román Alarcón is a Spanish football player, born on 21 April 1992 in Benalmádena. He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics. This season, Román Alarcón played 44 games and scored 8 goals, significantly less than his French counterpart. On his team, he's number 22.
Francisco has played 30 matches for the national team, scoring with them 10 times. He currently plays midfield at Unión Deportiva Las Palmas.

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3. Stock markets

As part of stock market, many U.S. sites write automatic reports based on market data and typical technical analysis indicators.

Apple (AAPL) rose as much as 2.8% Monday before giving up nearly half of that gain. Meanwhile, semiconductor shares helped give the Nasdaq composite the edge over its fellow major indexes.

At 3:45 p.m. ET, the Nasdaq was well off session highs, but still rallied 0.8%. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average trailed slightly, rising around 0.6%. Volume is running more than 10% lower vs. the same time Friday on both main exchanges. The small-cap S&P 600 lagged, losing intraday gains to trade flat.

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4. Politics and elections

Here is an example of content automatically written for the 2015 French elections.
There is a mixture of content generated by a robot and data-visualization.

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5. Real estate ads

Robots are very useful for writing content based on structured data. The world of real estate is a perfect example.

New investment opportunity in Annecy: DeKarnak agency presents this superb 3 room apartment for sale with a competitive price of 318 000.0€. It also includes a fitted kitchen. Discover other charming assets of this apartment: a charming garden and a terrace.

In the Annecy region, sale of an apartment on the 3rd floor of a surface of 72m ² including 2 bedrooms (408 000.0 €). It has all the comfort: a bathroom and a warm lounge. It allows access to additional storage space with a cellar. This apartment has a digicode to guarantee your tranquility.

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Is a writer robot better than the human?

Currently? It certainly is not. The generated content is based on a weak artificial intelligence. This means that robots are simply able to make a coherent, quality and complete text. However, they lack many of the qualities that journalists can have:

  • Sense of humor
  • Critical spirit
  • Analytical and cross-checking spirit

The conclusion is that there are many cases where these qualities are not necessary, leaving room for human writers to produce quality content.